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Waste Disposal Management

The RFID system for intelligent waste management

BiTech® - Smart cities need smart waste management logistics

The intelligent solution for waste identification

Automated vehicles, intelligent waste containers and efficient recycling plants: Industry 4.0 has arrived in the waste disposal and processing industry. The waste management industry 4.0 is automated and individualised. On-board computers and ID systems as well as efficient weighing areas are part of the standard repertoire of a modern waste management company.

Chipped waste bins, mobile applications and software solutions for route optimisation make everyday work easier and make processes faster, more transparent and more efficient:

Conserving resources and saving time and money are the order of the day. The increasing interconnectedness through waste apps and smart bins is being massively driven forward. Demand-oriented disposal leads to more efficient processes and thus also to increased planning reliability. 

This strengthens the competitiveness of companies and creates new growth opportunities. Digital documents will determine the future of waste management. Digitalisation in waste disposal is advancing.

Quality and service

An international network of service partners, system integrators and qualified hotline support help you implement a BiTech® system. 

We are members of the following associations and committees, among others:

Provide incentives

Incentive for waste avoidance and steering towards the separation of valuable resources


Transparency of costs and services towards consumers and disposal contractors

Made in Germany

All products are "Made in Germany" and are developed, produced and tested according to the highest standards for function and quality

Secure investments

Secure investments through modular structure


Only paid service is fulfilled (blacklist)

Disposal vehicles and systems

RFID-Technologies for rear, side and front loader

AT function

Patented technology

The AT (auto-trim) function saves a lot of time during installation and service. It is also available for side and front loaders with UHF systems.

Should maintenance service be necessary, the tooth or body antenna can be replaced without manual re-trimming. The AT function ensures easy installation of the system even with different cable lengths.

null AZF
       Tooth antenna mounted on the comb

null ABF
       Body antenna for large plastic or metal containers

null ASF
       Rear comb antenna mounted behind the dumping comb

LFR 4 universal reader

Reader for tooth and body antennas

The LFR 4 reads disposal containers with HDX and FDX transponders and identifies the antenna‘s transponder and reference numbers, which can be transferred to tablets or the on-board computer. The auto-trim function ensures quick installation and immediate system functionality. If required, up to 4 antennas can be connected. Due to the auto-trim function, different tooth and body antennas can also be combined.

AZF Tooth antenna

Perfect reading range, direct mounting

The antenna has a reading range of up to 5 cm and a high mechanical stability. The mounting location is predefined by mounting directly on the comb lift. The tooth antenna ensures a fast and valid reading of HDX or FDX transponders, independent of the lifter or the containers.

ABF Body antenna

Reliable detection, optimum reading range

All disposal containers with HDX and FDX transponders are identified quickly and reliably, even if mixed. The auto-trim function ensures quick installation and immediate system readiness. The reading range of up to 20 cm makes it ideally suited for containers made of plastic or metal.

ASF Rear comb antenna

Best reading performance with compact design

The rear comb antenna can be perfectly mounted behind the dumping comb and is therefore ideally suited when the installation of a tooth antenna is not possible. The use of the rear comb antenna allows different container sizes to be attached and read out on both rear loaders and side loaders.

UHF long range reader

High range, rugged design, IP67

The TSU readers impress with their extremely robust aluminium die-cast housing with compact design. The reader and antenna are built into one housing and optimally matched to each other by the manufacturer. This enables reliable adjustment of the reading performance! The TSU 200 achieves a reading range of up to 7 m. The operating status is clearly signalled via LEDs. All connections on the reader are designed as M12 connectors.


LF, HF, UHF & barcode data collection

The Quadro Handheld is the latest generation of the rugged handheld scanner. It is equipped with LF, HF and UHF reading technologies. Optionally, a fourth reading technology, a QR/barcode scanner, can be retrofitted. After scanning the handheld is easily read via a USB interface. A special vehicle cradle is available for use in vehicles.


Best reading performance in all applications

The TBF 134 body-mounted transponders are suitable for large plastic or metal container types. The TCX 134 is ideal for chipnest mounting on all plastic containers, and the UDC 70 series is designed for large reading distances in the container area. The available frequencies are 134 kHz and 868 MHz. A robust and compact design (IP67) makes them resilient to humidity and temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +85 °C.

TBF 134

TCX 134

UDC 70

Areas of application in the waste disposal and recycling industry

RFID systems ensure smooth operation

Recycling facilities

Protect employees, monitor access to machinery and equipment; organise and track recyclables.

Recycling centres and waste disposal sites

Authorise self-service drop-off of recyclables; manage automatic receipts and use.

Solutions and applications

Ready-made solutions are available for these sectors

Access control and automatic weighing

Access control and automatic weighing

Drivers and vehicles are consistently identified and authorised to enter. Data is digitised and assigned accordingly.

Contactless opening and closing

Automatic and secure vehicle locking system

Automatic opening and closing ensures security for the vehicle and cargo. The structure is freely scalable.

Manage operating materials securely

Manage operating materials securely

Tools and equipment are intelligently organised and managed. Access is logged.

Work wear as a service

Work wear as a service

Textiles for each work area are automatically managed and issued to the respective employees.

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