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Smart Storage Solutions

Management for your shared portable equipment

A range of lockers to manage your laptops, mobile phones, tools and other valuable and sensitive items

Intelligent asset management systems with handling automation

Automatic issue and return of valuables

Are your important assets and resources used efficiently? It‘s often all to easy too lose track of who has what item, when it is last used and especially the condition that it is returned in. proxSafe smart storage systems identify who has your essential assets by controlling who has them with full audit and reporting capabilities. Users are identified by card, pin or biometrics allowing them to only take the items that they are authorised to have, ensuring you have complete accountability of your company’s shared portable equipment. Radios, test equipment, tools, laptops and much more can now be managed automatically so you know that the equipment is ready when you need it.

Intelligent management

Intelligent resource monitoring controls removal of resources evenly with the same usage. Criteria parameters for the intelligent management of the items can be chosen.

Local or global

Our software is web-based so it supports administration across multiple locations. This means you are easily able to centrally monitor systems in different locations.


A variety of features and modules for diverse applications. All access is automatically documented and the information issued in user definable reports.

Emergency operation mode

All cabinets remain operational - even in the case of a power or network failure. The data is stored locally and an integrated emergency battery secures continued operation.

Integrated charging

Ensure that the asset is ready for the next shift. Equipment can be charged whilst the item is stored in the cabinet. The state of charge is also displayed.

Made in Germany

All products are made in Germany. Their function and quality are developed, produced and tested to the highest standards.

locker series S, M & L

Secure management of valuables

The locker cabinet portfolio offers different compartment sizes, which can be freely combined with one another to create the desired system solution. An RFID chip installed in or attached to the device allows the user to remove or return the device simply by placing it against a compatible reader with integrated antenna, the device is then automatically identified in the compartment. An LED lights up to indicate successful removal/return.

If space is a premium it is possible to hang the RFID chip on the device. When removing or returning a device, the user simply inserts the keyTag into a slot in the compartment. Inserting or removing the keyTag is electronically logged when the device is removed or returned.

locker M16

Keep handguns and accessories secure

The locker M16 focuses on maximum capacity in a small space. 16 compartments with the dimensions 592 x 132 x 287 mm offer exactly the optimal space to store, for example, portable equipment such as body cams, handguns or pepper spray.

Each compartment can be optionally equipped with an RFID reader to accurately monitor whether the contents have been removed or returned.

The doors to the compartments have a window pane in order to be able to check the interior of the compartment before removal/return. Additional LED lighting is installed in each compartment for optimal visibility.

  • Maximum capacity in minimum space
  • Window pane and interior lighting
  • Optional RFID tracking
  • Backup battery in case of power failure
  • Standalone mode in case network connection fails

locker F12

Manage radios

The proxSafe® flexx locker F12 is an electronic locker system for storing and managing radio equipment. Its 12 compartments are large enough to accommodate all common radios. The compartments also provide sufficient space for mounting a charging station. The system offers intelligent functions, such as always issuing the radio that is most charged. Each compartment is individually controlled. The user must identify at the user terminal to take out or return a radio. The system automatically manages access rights and generates electronic reports of all removals and returns. The flexx locker F12 can be equipped with RFID readers in each compartment (optional) to track if the radio has been properly taken out or returned.

  • Easy customization for any radio type
  • Large compartments with sufficient space for charging docks
  • Emergency opening in case of power failure
  • Standalone mode in case of network failure
  • Smart features to extend radios’ lifetime and increase availability

Weapon Drawer Cabinet (MVP)

Securely and safely store weapons

Securely and safely store weapons, ammunition and other security gear in individual, locked drawers. Limit access to each item only to authorized personnel at specific times and get a real-time electronic audit trail as to who takes what and when.
All weapons can be equipped with RFID transponders to automatically keep track of removals and returns.

Our products include varieties of lockers and cabinets, designated to securely hold your arms and weaponry. Store pistols, carbines and rifles - and manage them all in one system. Made in Germany, our renowned quality standards ensure very long product lifetime and reliable use.

Safe Deposit Mode

Self-service system for temporary management

Safe deposit systems are ideal for temporary storage of valuables, weapons or technical equipment. They reduce the administrative effort enormously, because they automatically document all deposits and removals and can perform the registration of users completely independently aud automatically. The modular design of the cabinets offer a lot of flexibility in the configuration of the system, so that the appropriate compartment size can be planned for each item. The system can be completely self-sufficient, or integrated with an online system, enabling many more administrative functions, alarming and reporting. Authentication via RFID card or one-time pin at the control terminal allows you to securely manage your valuables, such as smartphones, weapons, laptops, etc., for a temporary time period. 

  • Automate management of valuables and weapons
  • Minimize administrative effort
  • Improve traceability and documentation
  • Large cabinet portfolio for flexibility in system design


Easy use

The C4+ and C6+ terminals have now been given an intuitive and uniform user interface. Simplicity and clear menu structures are the main focus in order to make operation as easy as possible for new users. The design of both user interfaces follow the same concept, so that a user can operate both terminals without further introduction.

Virtual Terminals

Terminals can now also be used virtually as an app called "deisterWallet" or on a PC as a browser application called "deisterCockpit".

This allows users to send key withdrawals to the system from anywhere, check the status of a key, and look up which keys they have taken. In addition, users can perform many other functions such as making reservations or filling out extensive return questionnaires.


Maintenance free – can be installed everywhere

With the aid of RFID technology it is possible to identify and manage devices, work equipment and items. For that purpose, an RFID chip is either installed in, attached to or hung on the device in the form of a tag. The data required to clearly identify the device or item is stored in the RFID chip. As soon as a device is removed or returned the RFID chip is automatically recognized by the antenna installed in the compartment. That ensures each removal and return is electronically detected and logged.

RFID chips do not require a battery and are as such completely maintenance free. As a benefit, their service life is practically unlimited.

  • Works without a battery
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Contactless, so no wear

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Applications - Weapons management

Weapons management

Reliably safeguard weapons with or without ammunition: each individual compartment is electronically monitored so that authorised users only are able to gain access

Applications - Equipment management

Equipment management

Optimise your stock of work equipment and secure their availability. The use of devices is logged precisely, so you can better plan the amount and their use.

Applications - Radio handset management

Radio handset management

Organise, safely store and automatically charge radio handsets; electronically monitor their removal and return. Integrated charging stations ensure the radio handsets are always ready for use.

Diverse digital I/Os, interfaces

Systems integration

Uniform interfaces and protocols make possible easy integration with other systems, such as identification and access control of people and vehicles.