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Complete documentation and automation of work processes

More transparency and efficiency for security service providers

Automate security-related tasks and raise your security level

Due to the increasing number of burglaries in the business sector and on corporate premises, the enquiries addressed to competent, professional security service providers are more numerous than ever before. That fills your order books, but also means more responsibility and greater effort and expense for you as a security service provider. Every step must be documented and traceable to meet the stringent demands from the industry and your customers’ high expectations. And the costs in terms of time and resources are immense. deister electronic has been successfully supporting the security industry for many years.

The automation of processes and their documentation will increase your efficiency and enable you to use your existing resources more effectively. What is more, our solutions will substantially improve the level of security in your company and simultaneously support compliance with the VdS 3138 and VdS 2172 standards. This not only applies to the mobile control service for the protection of outdoor areas and corporate premises, but above all for reliable management of locking devices for unlocking, inspecting and locking properties.

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Complete and effective management of security-related locking devices involves high personnel expenses – but in spite of meticulous care, such devices are lost again and again? In such cases, our electronic and scalable proxSafe key management system is the right solution for you.


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Equipment, weapons, ammunition, radio transmitters or other important objects are not charged, untraceable or broken, leading to considerable delays in case of an emergency? Manage your equipment with our electronic lockers in future, to minimise losses and to know at any time who is using which object or has failed to return it.

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Inspection rounds with elaborate manual documentation present a problem; they are incomplete and involve high personnel costs? Make use of our security guard control system with maintenance-free, unobtrusive control points for easy and complete reporting.


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proxSafe - Key management

Electronically controlled key cabinets

Especially in the area of security, fast response times are indispensable in an emergency, when there is little time to react. To enable fast reaction, it is vital to know at any time where to find sensitive locking devices for industrial and commercial premises or other security-relevant buildings or rooms. Often there is no time to record every step, and a frequent consequence is the loss of a locking device, since it can no longer be ascertained who had it last.

Such problems are a thing of the past with the electronic key management system from deister electronic. The scalable solution makes it possible for you to store all of your keys as well as entire bunches of keys safely, transparently and traceably, and 24/7 as well. All removals and returns are recorded electronically and documented automatically. 

This reduces administrative expense and contributes to a more effective use of resources. Simultaneously, the system supports compliance with VdS 3138 and VdS 2172, which means that the investment in an electronic key management system pays off
in two ways.

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proxSafe - Electronic object management

Electronic locker and drawer systems

Not only locking devices, but also safe and controlled storage of radio transmitters, service weapons, vehicle documents and other work equipment must be guaranteed at all times. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that in case of emergency, devices such as radio transmitters, mobile phones and other electronic appliances are charged and ready for use without loss of valuable time.

With the electronic lockers from deister electronic, controlled storage and issue of work equipment and electronic objects is ensured at any time. Thanks to their modular concept, the various lockers and drawers can easily be combined with each other. Special lockers with facilities for weapon storage and optional RFID surveillance round off the portfolio of our depots and provide complete control.

All removals and returns of locker contents are invariably recorded and documented automatically, which ensures more transparency in your company. Access to the depot is only granted to authorised persons, which provides added internal security and helps to minimise the procurement of resources.

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dataLog - Security guard control system

Complete recording of mobile and stationary security services

Are manually documented inspection rounds for guards, patrols or surveillance services a part of daily work, and do they generally involve high personnel expenses? Are the security requirements from customers for complete reporting also becoming increasingly demanding, and is legal security becoming more and more important? Then the world-famous DDW award-winning service control system dataLog is precisely the right solution for you. The user-friendly security guard control system from deister electronic consists of a robust data collector and maintenance-free checkpoints. This system provides a very easy method of electronic planning, recording and analysis of security services for plant protection and surveillance.

The collected data is date/time stamped and then saved for subsequent transmission and processing. In this way, you can furnish proof that security-critical areas are protected and will stay protected through complete documentation quickly and easily – and without any additional resources. So manually documented inspection rounds will be a thing of the past.

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Management of keys, equipment and inspection rounds

Commander Connect software – the central platform

With the Commander Connect software from deister electronic, it is as easy as child’s play to configure, control and manage all user profiles, access rights and reports, as well as security guard controls from a central point. Our software provides a clear overview of inventory at any time, and – automatically and tamper-proof – records all returns and removals of keys and equipment. These can be unambiguously assigned to the relevant tasks.

The NSL service control centre can also be programmed to provide feedback when, for example, a key has not been removed or not been returned within the specified period of time. The operator is then immediately able to take further action. Via the Commander Connect software, records can be issued in the form of individually configured reports, as emails, print files or exports in various file formats.

Integrate our solutions into your control centre software

The deister electronic web interface makes it possible

Working with a uniform user interface and only one software programme optimises your workflow and facilitates your daily work. The result is a quick and safe solution for your action.

Via the deister electronic web interface, you can easily integrate our solutions into your control centre software. Even in hectic daily business, you will remain in control, take the right actions and ensure maximum security.

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Everything from a single source, everything under control

Reliable identification of vehicles

The fast, reliable and automatic AVI long-range identification system from deister electronic provides perfect control and surveillance of driveways and parking facilities in all weather conditions.

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Reliable key protection

Combine our proxSafe system with the amanTag key and asset protection system to ensure that in the future keys or other assets cannot be removed from pre-defined security areas without your knowledge.

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Storage in remote locations

The NFC™ and Bluetooth®-compatible digital safe is an electronic safe ideally suited for managing objects stored at remote locations. Whether as a depot for master keys or other valuables, the weatherproof metal case protects everything.

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