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Security Solutions for Hotels

Security solutions for hotels

Raise the quality of your security-relevant tasks

Security solutions for hotels

Raise the quality of your security-relevant tasks

As a hotelier, you certainly know the costs incurred through those ever-increasing security requirements which the business requires and the guest expects, even if it is not visible at first sight. deister electronic knows the requirements that you have as an operator, owner, or planner of hotels, and supports you with innovative solutions in the process:

  • Reducing manual documentation
  • Optimising reporting
  • Minimising staff costs

The optimal addition for more transparency

Key management and documented patrols for more audit security

In this context, the proxSafe key management system ensures that there is permanent access to security-relevant keys, without the need for long searches or complex working procedures. With the assistance of the dataLog service monitoring system, we can prove quickly and easily that security-relevant areas are secure and remain secure as a result of consistent patrols.

These systems are centrally controlled and administered using our Commander Connect management software, in order to make your work as a hotelier as easy as possible.

Key management system

Full control over your keys

Selected employees from administration and maintenance have to know at all times exactly where  security-relevant keys are located, such as for example for the power supply, sprinkler systems, conference rooms, and building services. It must be guaranteed that access to these facilities is limited to the relevant staff only.

Moreover, the more keys are in circulation, the less likely that manual storage of security-critical keys can be managed easily and efficiently. High administrative burden and gaps in security appear quickly.

And this is exactly where we implement our proxSafe key management system. This system allows you to safely store all of your keys as well as whole key rings – and maintain effective oversight. Removing and returning a key is always electronically validated and automatically documented.

Through the reduction of administration and the subsequent effective planning of in-house resources, the investment in an electronic key management system soon pays for itself, and increases your security levels.

  • 24/7 availability of all keys
  • Minimises key losses
  • Protocols of all key removals and returns

Proof of visit system

Fully documented patrols

Complicated documented patrols are an normal occurrence in everyday work in large hotels, and in most cases involve high staffing costs. In addition, the security demands on hotel operators increase constantly, and comprehensive reporting is essential in order to ensure that legal certainty is maintained.

As a result of the security requirements it is almost impossible to administer the areas requiring  monitoring in an efficient and comprehensive manner. The result is enormous administrative requirements, and in the worst case incomplete reporting.

Our solution: the dataLog system. Electronic data collectors, linked to maintenance-free and unobtrusive monitoring stations, with which patrols, rounds, and inspections will be electronically planned, stored, and evaluated in a very simple way in future, making manually documented inspection rounds a thing of the past while raising the hotel security levels at the same time.

  • Comprehensive patrol reporting
  • Easy operation without buttons
  • Battery/wear-free, unobtrusive and contact-free monitoring stations

A solution for lots of administrative tasks

Configuration, control and reporting

With the Commander Connect management software, it is possible to centrally manage and configure all deister systems. Incoming information is collected at a central point and can be retrieved at any time. Individually configurable reports are issued and sent per email, as a print file or exported in a variety of file formats.

It is possible to configure user rights and application-related functions with just a few clicks of a mouse. A client-server architecture means it is possible to manage the system via a web browser from any location, an aspect that minimises hardware requirements and costs. The system can be connected to third-party systems via web services or customerspecific interfaces, which facilitates optimum integration of the Commander Connect software.

What our customers say

"We can now monitor all key movements completely. What is also important is that we have a system with only one user interface, which is simple and convenient to use." Hotel website

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Extension options

Everything from a single source and under control

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