• vehicle identification with windscreen transponder

  • Transponder for swap bridges

  • Wide range reader for entrances and exits

  • Vehicle key dispenser with alcohol test

  • Keymanagement - key removal

Full Control for Freight Forwarders

Reliable and automated management of security-relevant tasks

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Full control for freight forwarders

With our solutions, keys & vehicles are securely and reliably managed

As the owner of a forwarding or logistics company, you are all too familiar with being pressed for time, bitter price wars, rising demand in service and transport capacities as well as the ever-increasing security requirements of the industry and customers; all things nobody really wants to hear about. 

At deister electronic, we know the problems you are facing as the owner of a forwarding company and are happy to supply innovative, customised solutions for:

  • Minimising risks
  • Reducing manual documentation
  • Optimising administrative costs

With our proxSafe key management system, we provide your staff with fully automated 24/7 access to vehicle keys, for instance, all without costly work processes and additional staffing costs.  The fast, reliable and automatic long-range identification system tranSpeed identifies drivers and vehicles, allowing drivers to pick up and return vehicles at night and weekends – without the need for staff to be on-site.

As the owner, you always have everything in sight at all times, giving you more transparency and tamper-proof control of your entire vehicle fleet at minimum staffing costs. These solutions are centrally controlled and administered using our Commander Connect management software, in order to make your work as easy as possible.

Full control for freight forwarders