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Solutions for Freight Forwarders

Full Control for Freight Forwarders

Reliable and automated management of security-relevant tasks

Full control for freight forwarders

With our solutions, keys & vehicles are securely and reliably managed

As the owner of a forwarding or logistics company, you are all too familiar with being pressed for time, bitter price wars, rising demand in service and transport capacities as well as the ever-increasing security requirements of the industry and customers; all things nobody really wants to hear about. 

At deister electronic, we know the problems you are facing as the owner of a forwarding company and are happy to supply innovative, customised solutions for:

  • Minimising risks
  • Reducing manual documentation
  • Optimising administrative costs

With our proxSafe key management system, we provide your staff with fully automated 24/7 access to vehicle keys, for instance, all without costly work processes and additional staffing costs.  The fast, reliable and automatic long-range identification system tranSpeed identifies drivers and vehicles, allowing drivers to pick up and return vehicles at night and weekends – without the need for staff to be on-site.

As the owner, you always have everything in sight at all times, giving you more transparency and tamper-proof control of your entire vehicle fleet at minimum staffing costs. These solutions are centrally controlled and administered using our Commander Connect management software, in order to make your work as easy as possible.

Key Management

Secure 24/7 electronic Key Management

Specially designated administrative and vehicle fleet staff as well as the drivers themselves must know where the keys are to each vehicle at all times. Access to the keys must be restricted to authorised and sober persons only. Moreover, practices such as storing vehicle keys under a wheel arch or in a freely accessible key box are highly risky and only feasible with a high level of administration. This poses a significant security risk, and the disappearance of keys and vehicles is not at all uncommon.

This is just the scenario our proxSafe key management system was designed for. It allows you to safely store all your keys and key rings, keep track of their location and issue them around the clock. Removing and returning a key is always electronically validated and automatically documented. In addition, driving licenses can be automatically verified at the key cabinet terminal by attaching a corresponding RFID label to them. There is also an option to allow removal of keys by persons only after passing a breathalyser test. 

Through the reduction of administration and the subsequently more effective planning of in-house resources, the investment in an electronic key management system soon pays for itself, and increases your security levels.

  • Reduce the risk of losing keys
  • Monitor access authorisations for keys and users
  • Modular and scalable system for future growth

Vehicle identification

Reliable identification of vehicles

Unique and reliable identification of all drivers and vehicles who enter and leave the company premises is essential for smooth work processes. However, this is often associated with high staffing costs and it is virtually impossible to manually document the process both efficiently and without gaps.

This is where our solution steps in: tranSpeed, the service-friendly, long-range identification system. This solution logs the comings and goings of your drivers and vehicles for you – reliably and at all times. It provides a complete log of vehicles entering and leaving the company premises. Unwanted vehicles and persons on the premises immediately become a thing of the past and long queues are elegantly avoided. 

Smartphones can also be used to open the gates. You can give both your staff and external drivers authorisation to open the gate at specified times via Cloud. Each driver receives access authorisation directly via the app, which enables you to make extra use of your site and facilities by sharing your lorry park with other forwarders, for instance.

The tranSpeed solution can be seamlessly integrated into many other control systems, but can also be employed as a stand-alone solution with ease. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of transponders, such as robust heavy-duty transponders, self-adhesive labels for windscreens and personal ISO cards for complete and future-proof integration.

  • Automated & personalised access control with real-time identification
  • Tamper-proof thanks to customised security measures
  • Easy installation and integration

A solution for lots of administrative tasks

Configuration, control and reporting

With the Commander Connect management software, it is possible to centrally manage and configure all deister systems. Incoming information is collected at a central point and can be retrieved at any time. Individually configurable reports are issued and sent per email, as a print file or exported in a variety of file formats. It is possible to configure user rights and application-related functions with just a few clicks of a mouse.

A client-server architecture means it is possible to manage the system via a web browser from any location, an aspect that minimises hardware requirements and costs. The system can be connected to third-party systems via web services or customerspecific interfaces, which facilitates optimum integration of the Commander Connect software.

Success Story

For the identification of trucks, trailers and swap bodies, Scherbauer in Eastern Bavaria relies on the system integrator primion Technology - and on wide range solutions from deister. All vehicles, swap bodies and trailers were equipped with RFID tags to record them at all exits and entrances.

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Automatic Vehicle Locking System

Save time, increase safety, automate usage

With vanLoxx, a vehicle can be safely managed and operated. vanLoxx is an automatic door and vehicle control system designed to save time and ensure safety. Access to the driver‘s cabin or the freight compartment is only granted to drivers with a valid transponder. The driver simply holds his transponder against the reader and the motorised locking elements automatically unlock the doors.

  • Saves time by using automatic door control  
  • Increased safety through automatic vehicle locking
  • Durable design for more than 300.000 operations

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Everything from a single source and under control

Safe storage of vehicle documents

Safe storage of vehicle documents

Our freely scalable locker systems are suited to storing and managing vehicle documents, work tools and staff’s personal belongings. 

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Easy identification

Easy identification

Our robust plastic transponders automatically let you know which trailers and swap bodies are on site at all times.

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Reliable access control

Reliable access control

We provide electronic access control components such as cylinders, door fittings and access control readers for even more security.

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Central workwear management

Central workwear management

Our dispenser and return lockers let you manage your company’s workwear in a space-saving and fully automatic manner around the clock.

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