• Slot Machines

  • Vehicle Identification in Casino Parkings

  • Control access to rooms

  • Store valuables securely

  • Capture maintenance activities

More Security in Casinos

Automated processes, restricted access and reliable storage of valuables.

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Casino Solutions

Increase security, protect Assets and improve efficiency

Throughout the world, casinos are a location where large amounts of cash, cash equivalents, and assets are held. They are popular destinations for vacations and travel due to their fun atmosphere and the thrill of taking a risk to win big. A casino’s unique environment includes many employees and guests, making security an enormous consideration. deister electronic provides solutions for monitoring assets, securing sensitive areas and auditing of asset transactions.

Our solutions are an efficient and hassle-free option for ensuring your casino’s smooth operation. From securing staff and customers to vehicles, keys, and mobile devices, our RFID solutions protect a wide variety of assets and support many use cases.