Innovative RFID Solutions


For over 35 years the name deister electronic stands for innovative RFID-based products

and solutions for identifying and securing people, resources and buildings.

  • 1977

    The company is founded

    3 young ingeneers founded deister electronic GmbH in Barsinghausen near Hannover in Germany. 2 of the founders leave again after a short period of time and Anatoli Stobbe starts building up the company.

  • 1980-1985

    Getting started

    After a few years of building customer-specific products, deister electronic starts developing and selling its own solution: the first all-electronic guard tour system which quickly became the number one in the industry, which is still called "The deister".

  • 1986

    More growth, more capacity

    To increase production capacity the production company delpro was founded as 100% daughter company of deister electronic. From then on delpro has been responsible for production and quality assurance for all deister products.

  • 1987

    Worldwide expansion

    The first offices abroad where founded in USA, Canada, UK and France. The basis for the international business was built and will be expanded in the next years.

  • 1989

    Innovation, the way into the future

    deister electronic developes the first RFID Transponder Chip that can not only read but write new data onto transponders – that was and still is the very basis of all RFID Technology used today.

  • 1992

    RFID becomes our core technology

    As a second core business next to the guard tour system deister electronic starts producing and selling RFID access control readers – which is still one of our core competences today.

  • 1993

    New space for new ideas

    We move into the new headquarter building in Hermann-Bahlsen-Strasse 11-13, Barsinghausen (Hannover Region), Germany.

  • 1994-2002

    The Productportfolio is growing

    RFID starts becoming popular in more and more markets. deister electronic develops a Microchip used in a engine immobilizer system, an RFID based system to identify waste bins and transponders and readers used in pigeon racing worldwide.

  • 2003

    More range

    RFID enters the logistics market and is used to track pallets, items, parcels, cars and components. Passivs and active UHF systems are added to our portfolio and are sold in the logistics but also the AVI market.

  • 2004

    Bending RFID

    deister electronic develops the first textile transponder that can be washed and put into clothing and other textiles. Tagging textiles has helped optimizing processes in hospitals, industry and laundry industry.

  • 2005

    Electronic becomes mechatronic

    proxSafe, the first electronic key management cabinets are introduced. Keys and other valuables can now be stored and managed properly and securely. proxSafe didn’t expand our product range, it was also the first line of mechatronic products that brought know how around production and construction of metal parts and components to deister electronic.

  • 2006

    Expanding to the far east

    Subsidiaries in Singapore and Japan bring electronic and mechatronic innovations to the local markets. Especially our product quality and innovation is key why customers choose deister products from Germany over the often cheaper local products.

  • 2007

    Electronic, mechatronic and now optics

    eyewatch GmbH, a new company for smart cameras is founded. The innovative cameras seamlessly integrate with the products and solutions from deister electronic. Picture processing, clever algorithms and new requirements for performance are a new challenge for the R&D team – and in the end a completely new and forward thinking camera concept was born.

  • 2010

    More metal, less cables

    doorLoxx, a digital locking system is introduced to the market. The battery powered digital cylinders, handles and locks allow a much easier and cheaper installation of access control systems than ever before and attracks a whole new range of customers.

  • 2014

    Systems connect

    All subsystems in our portfolio connect and integrate more and more. Our software Commander Connect becomes the essential management tool of our products and systems – the Connected Systems concept is born.

    Nicolas Stobbe, the second generation of the family owned business, joins the company and is responsible for the international business development.

  • 2015

    Keeping an eye on the laundry

    With the textag cabinets that identify the textile transponders developed in 2004, deister introduces an efficient and reliable solution to manage and dispense clothing and textiles. Laundries show big interest in laundry management systems, due to the cost-saving opportunities while optimising processes.