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deister electronic History



deister electronic History

Innovation as a common thread

deister electronic is an innovative, family owned global business for over 40 years experience in developing electronic and mechanical products for security and industrial automation.

Widely acclaimed for our expertise and specialist implementation of RFID technology within practical applications, from key management, access control and long-range identification (AVI) to logistics and process control.



1978 - Founded

deister electornic was found in Barsinghausen near Hannover. Straight after finishing his diploma in IT, Anatoli Stobbe founded the company and started the adventure. 

1980 - 1985 - The first steps

After a few years of selling R&D services to other company, deister starts selling its first own solution: an electronic Guard Tour system, which rapidly became the market leader and the number 1 solution for most guarding companies.

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1986 - More growth, more capacity

After several successful years the team has grown a lot. A new, bigger building is needed that offers more space, also for the future. deister stays is in Barsinghausen, but moves to a new address: Steinradweg 3.

1987 - Worldwide expansion

The first international subsidiaries are founded in USA, Canada, UK and France. These new offices created the foundation for the international sales and service infrastructure. In the coming years the international business will grow even more.

1990 - Innovation leads the way into the future

deister electronic develops the first read/write RFID transponder. This RFID chip cannot only be read, but new data can be written onto it – the basis for today’s RFID technology. In the following years worldwide patents were registered and licensed to the popular chip manufacturers.

1992 - RFID becomes the core technology

As a second pillar next to the guard tour system deister electronic starts to produce and sell RFID Access Control readers, which up until today is a core business for deister.

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1993 - New room for new ideas

The existing office reached ist limits in capacity. The company moves to a new location, Hermann-Bahlsen-Strasse 11-13, where a new building was build that offers more space and room for the production, sales and R&D departments.

1994 - The product portfolio expands

RFID is finding more and more new applications and is increasingly arousing interest in a wide range of markets. Among other things, a chip for car immobilisers is developed for the automotive industry.

1995 - RFID is necessary everywhere

RFID is also used in pigeon racing to identify the animals. We are the market leader in this segment.

2000 - RFID for vehicle identification

Long-range identification with RFID can identify transponders over a longer distance of several metres. In this way, vehicles in access control, products and pallets in logistics can be identified.

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2003 - RFID gains reach

As a co-partner of Intel, deister electronic develops a reader chip for long-range identification, which is used in typical supply chain applications in retail and industrial automation.

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2004 - Textile circuits

deister electronic invents the first textile transponder, that can be washed and can be integrated into clothing and other textile/flexible products such as floor mats or lifejackets.

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2004 - From electronics to mechatronics

Introduction of the electronic key lockers "proxSafe", which can be used to manage door keys, car keys and other items.

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2005 - Expansion to the far east

More subsidiaries are founded in Japan and Singapore to supply the local market demand. Especially because of the well-known Germany quality and innovative ideas many Asian customers decide to buy deister products.

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2008 - Digital locks

Following the success of proxSafe, another mechatronic solution "doorLoxx", a digital locking system consisting of digital cylinders and locks, is launched.

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2015 - Security gets connected

The different systems the portfolio are getting more and more integrated. The software Commander Connect starts to play a central and very important role, because it connects all systems – the start of Connected Systems.

Connected systems today

2016 - The second generation

Nicolas Stobbe, the second generation in the family business, joins the company and focusses on the growth of the international business. Also mobile devices such as smartphones are further integrated into the portfolio and modern ways of controlling devices are in the focus.

2017 - IoT and Industry 4.0

Smart cabinets that automatically manage the removal and return of work clothing are introduced to the market. The transponders in the clothing are intelligent, so that each individual piece of clothing knows what it is, where it belongs and it needs to be cleaned. Also the other systems from deister become more and more intelligent, exchange data and create a connected intelligence – in the spirit of the internet of things.

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2018 - Agile future

Agile ways of working and modern tools are introduced to keep up with the fast-paced world while maintaining high quality standards.

2019 - Expansion of Deister Electronics USA

Business in North America is growing and opens potential for more. A new building is acquired and offers significantly more space for the growing team, project support and logistics of goods. New product lines are introduced in the USA to expand the business.

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