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Training for textile cleaning apprentices

Press Release

Barsinghausen, September 10th 2019 – Since nine years deister electronic regularly invites the vocational school classes of the Anna-Siemsen-Schule in Hanover to inform about future possibilities and technologies in the textile industry.

This year, the response was very positive again, with more than 30 students who are currently completing their training in the textile sector finding their way to the deister electronic family business in Barsinghausen to learn more about innovative automation solutions and the RFID technology behind them.

The agenda for the day was packed again and after a short introduction the deister electronic employees Ralf Vogelsang and Martin Hartwigsen provided the necessary basic know-how in the field of electronics and contactless RFID technology for the students to be prepared for practice. In the following practical training session, the laundry output system teXtag from deister electronic was used to demonstrate how laundry processes can be optimized by RFID and how the customers of textile service providers can profit from it.

Afterwards, the students could ask questions in the new "ActiveLab" and let the educational day end with wonderful sunshine, grilled meat and cool beverages.

The success of deister electronic does not only refer to the development and production of secure automation solutions. The company's good reputation has also been shaped by its commitment to the support of children and teenagers.