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About deister electronic

Company portrait

For nearly 40 years deister electronic has been famous for its innovative products and solutions for identification and security of people, resources and buildings.

Our product portfolio is used in the management of keys and valuables, vehicle identification and access control as well as logistics and automation.

We develop, produce and sell our products worldwide and our local subsidiaries create the perfect solutions together our customers.

Getting to the bottom of things

At deister electronic, innovation doesn’t start with an idea, but with the deep understanding of the customer’s needs. We make a point understanding our customers in order to approach their requests in the best possible way.

Hence our ideas are always based on specific needs, which we carefully analyze and think all the way through.

No task is too difficult, no request to demanding. We rise to the challenge, day by day and year after year. We are proud of our German art of engineering with which we successfully approach the challenging projects in the security industry.

Anatoli Stobbe, Founder and CEO

Mr. Stobbe, innovation according to the customers’ request, how exactly does deister electronic do that?

Everything starts with conversation with the customer - ideally on-site. Who hasn’t experienced the environment where the product is going to be used can’t come up with the right ideas. Even when development is already in progress, we like to get customers, project partners and the enduser involved.

This way we’re making sure we stay on track and develop in the right direction.

Of course you can’t just go ahead with everything one-to-one - and you shouldn’t, even if you could. The secret to the perfect solutions always lies between the lines! 

The world is changing at a fast pace. What was impossible yesterday, is already possible today. How can deister electronic keep up?

With by now more than 30 engineers we have been able to built up an enormous knowledge base over the past decades. That allows us to discover and rate technological trends at a very detailed level.

For us it’s not about following every trend, but much more about understanding and indicating the potential and following the right trend. 

That is very important for us because if we do something, we’re fully committed to it - we don’t do things by halves.

What is the importance of ‚family‘ in ‚family business‘

When you’re working together day in day out, you got to be able to trust each other - but also care for each other. We are all humans, not machines.

At deister electronic we don’t just want to enhance our people to bring out their best. It is very important to us that everybody feels good in their job as well.

As well as the professional tasks, the privat successes and sorrows are also part of the job which we like everybody to address. Because if the private life is out of balance, you can’t concentrate on your job. 

It is important to me, that our employees don’t just do a good job, but are happy overall.

Family values in the company

We are proud to be a family business and act accordingly. To us that means assuring long term growth and focussing on the continued existence of the company rather than just concentrating on what number is below the bottom line. For us the word ‚family’ is to be taken literally and thus family values are also our company values.

Everybody is free to share his or her successes and also sorrows with the team and everybody is urged to take care of his fellow colleagues. At deister electronic people’s mistakes are not their failure, they are their basis for improvement. We encourage people to share their problems, mistakes and challenges, so we can tackle them - together.