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Your benefits at deister electronic

Services from deister electronic

Financial services and further education

Demanding and promoting our employees, paying appropriate respect to excellent results and participating in the success of the company are part of the range of services we offer our employees at deister electronic.


Company pension scheme & capital-forming benefits

deister has concluded an agreement with a well-known insurance company in order to be able to offer our employees the best possible conditions. Every employee is free to accept this service. As an employer, we also pay a share of the capital-forming benefits.

Profit Sharing

If we are successful as a company, it is because we all have collaborated to achieve this goal. That's why every employee receives a bonus payment at the end of every successful year, i.e. a profit share of the company's success.

Further advancement

Further education

Being a company, where innovation and adaptability are a number one priority, deister electronic places great importance on the specific and regular ongoing training of employees and managers in the form of further education, training, participation in industry events such as trade fairs, seminars and congresses.

Annual interviews with all employees

Every year, managers and their employees meet for annual interviews. This involves agreeing personal and professional goals, determining individual development needs and providing ongoing support to employees in achieving their goals.

Management development

Managers are intensively coached and supported at deister electronic. Employees who take on management responsibilities for the first time are prepared and accompanied for this step by a team of experienced coaches in a specially developed training program.

Continued employment

The TueWeThu model

Individual life planning could not be more different. We are happy to welcome employees who want to continue participating, pass on their knowledge and get involved even after retirement. Here we offer the TueWeThu model, where people only work from Tuesday to Thursday.

After so many years of work the long weekend has been earned!