Manage Car Pools Intelligently and Reliably

Manage your vehicle keys, vehicle registration documents, and other important vehicle documents with proxSafe key cabinets and lockers.

Fleet Management on a Different Level

Efficiency, Transparency, and Security

Do you need comprehensive pool vehicle management and want to ensure greater efficiency and transparency in your day-to-day work? Then the proxSafe® carpool systems are just right for you!

Whether it's vehicle keys, vehicle registration documents, logbooks, or other equipment – we will find the right management system for you. With our intelligent RFID key cabinets and locker systems, we offer you a comprehensive and modular portfolio that adapts to your needs. In the central management software Commander Connect, you can establish further extensions, such as vehicle reservation, mileage logging, driver's license checks, and much more. Companies with many pool vehicles increasingly experience inconsistencies and problems with vehicle reservations, on-time key removals and returns, or other messages (empty tank, vehicle service due, etc.). We have addressed these problems and created a comprehensive system that makes management easier for you and thus facilitates handling your fleet.

Schlüsselentnahme am maxx 6U Schlüsselschrank
unixx Entnahme von Fahrzeugschein und Autoschlüssel
Schlüsselentnahme aus flexx locker
Schlüsselentnahme aus dem smart 4 locker
Schlüsselentnahme aus flexx locker
ISO Karte wird in Panel gelegt
Schlüsselentnahme aus  maxx locker
Person entnimmt einen Schlüssel aus einem elektronischen Schlüsselschrank

Key cabinets

flexxmaxx 6Usmart 4
flexx Schlüsselschränke


Modular & Flexible

The flexx key cabinet is available in five different sizes, which can be individually combined according to the modular principle. This means you can assemble small, compact systems from 16 keys to suit your vehicle fleet, as well as large key depots with several thousand keys. The modular design offers maximum capacity in a small space and the option to adapt the system to the premises or expand it later if your car pool grows.

The proxSafe® key management systems can be individually equipped with the desired, flexible slot modules, so-called keyPanels, and can be easily expanded or replaced at short notice if required. Depending on the number and size of the vehicle keys, there are keyPanels with different slot densities. In addition, specific panels can be expanded for the controlled transfer of ISO cards, such as fuel cards. To issue the vehicle keys, the user identifies themselves at the terminal, the door of the key depot unlocks, and the car key can be removed from the illuminated slot or the relevant drawer or compartment.

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maxx 6U Schlüsselbox geöffnet

maxx 6U

Compact & Elegant

Our compact proxSafe® maxx 6U key box has a space-saving, automatic roller shutter door. The elegant design is also suitable for modern office environments. The electronic key box with a robust steel housing offers enough space for your vehicle keys. You can also combine or extend several key boxes when expanding your car pool. Our maintenance-free, robust keyTag key fobs with integrated RFID chip ensure that all car keys are firmly anchored in the maxx key box by means of a slot lock, are not visible through the roller shutter, and are therefore doubly protected against tampering. To remove the keys, the roller shutter door of the key box automatically raises and the slot of the selected vehicle key lights up red. After removal, the roller shutter closes automatically and stops automatically if a hand is under the shutter.

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Kleine Schlüsselbox für vier Schlüssel zur Verwaltung von deister electronic

smart 4

Compact & Space-Saving

The smart 4 is a compact electronic key box with 4 slots that can manage single or multiple keys. Its design is based on user-friendliness: the user presents their ID card and the system automatically releases only the keys they are authorized to remove. The compact smart key cabinet is particularly suitable for a small fleet of vehicles with only a few keys.

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Locker systems

unixx Bunixx Lunixx U
Unixx B Schrankfachsysteme

unixx B

Vehicle keys, vehicle documents and logbooks

The proxSafe® unixx B is a modular locker system that can be equipped with various drawer modules. With the S10 drawer module, up to 60 objects (e.g., vehicle keys) can be managed. The larger M10 model allows for the simultaneous storage of vehicle documents and the use of compartment identification. The lockers can be flexibly equipped, and unused installation spaces can be covered with blind panels. Access is via a terminal where the user must identify themselves. The drawers can then be opened using the "Push-to-Open" function.

  • Ideally suited for vehicle keys and documents
  • Two drawer sizes can be combined modularly
Unixx L Schrankfachsysteme

unixx L

Complete transparency

The proxSafe® unixx L is a modular locker system that can be equipped with two particularly robust drawer modules, loxx 2 and 4. The drawers can be opened by the user using the "Push-to-Open" function. An LED indicates the correct drawer. Each drawer is equipped with a keyTag slot. The keyTags are attached directly to the object, allowing each removal and return to be electronically monitored. The drawers are designed wirelessly for robust and long-term use.

  • Electronic compartment monitoring with RFID keyTags
  • Wireless drawer design for robust and durable use


Unixx U Schrankfachsystem

unixx U

Multi ID and more

The proxSafe® unixx U is a modular locker system with eight compartments. It can be combined with the other cabinets from the unixx series. Thanks to the Multi ID function, several objects can be stored in one compartment and electronically monitored using UHF transponders. Access is via a user terminal. An LED indicates which compartment can be opened. The unixx U automatically logs which items are removed or put back by the user. Compartment lighting can be installed as an option. The unixx U offers enough space for larger valuables or several objects that need to be stored together. <li

  • Multiple items can be managed in one compartment
  • Part removals and returns possible per compartment

Operator terminals

Bedienterminal C4+ neben Zeichnung von locker


Operating Terminal with Buttons and Display

The C4+ terminal of the proxSafe® solution is suitable for all key management systems and electronic specialist systems, such as locker systems.

The operating terminal is supplied with an administrator ID card for setting up the system. Users can identify themselves using a transponder card or by entering a PIN. The proxSafe® terminal enables quick and easy operation.

  • Multi-Technology Reader for User Identification
  • Fast Key Return via 125 kHz Reader
  • Child-Friendly Operation
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Lit Keypad and Display

All terminals

Bedienterminal C6+ neben Zeichnung von locker


Operating Terminal with Touch Display

The C6+ touch terminal of the proxSafe® solution combines simple and intelligent operability with the display and operating functions of a color 5.7" touch panel with capacitive touch screen. The C6+ operating terminal is compatible with all proxSafe® key management systems as well as specialist systems. It is supplied with an administrator ID card for setting up the system. Users can identify themselves using a transponder card or by entering a PIN. The optionally available multi-technology reader enables the use of many existing access control cards for user identification.

  • Convenient Operation via Color 5.7" Touch Panel
  • Multi-Technology Reader for User Identification
  • Network and Stand-Alone Capable
  • Display of Any Characters (Unicode)

All terminals

Benefits of our solution

deisterCockpit Fahrzeugstatus

Vehicle Status

Manual or Automated

In the deisterCockpit - your individually configurable dashboard - you can see the current status quo of your company vehicles at any time. Is my desired pool vehicle already reserved? How long has it been reserved? Who has reserved it? You can answer all these questions conveniently at a glance and thus react more flexibly in everyday life.

Führerscheinkontrolle Schlüsselausgabe

Driver's License Check

Manual or Automated

With a driver's license check, you can be sure that your vehicles are only used by people with a valid driver's license. It is possible to set up a driver's license check via our central Commander Connect software.

You can carry out the driver's license check manually (person A confirms a valid driver's license and confirms this in the software) or automatically. In the automated version, the driver's license is provided with an RFID seal on which the validity of the driver's license is stored. This seal is tamper-proof as it cannot be removed without being destroyed. Before the license expires, the user receives information by e-mail and can therefore renew their license in good time.

Vehicle Reservation screen

Vehicle Reservation

With One Click

It is easy to reserve a specific pool vehicle for a specific period. This is done either via the management software Commander Connect, the user-friendly deisterCockpit dashboard, or the deisterWallet app. To reserve a vehicle, it is necessary to fill in certain details (name, reservation period, vehicle, reason for reservation). This gives you a complete overview of your fleet at all times.

Odometer Reading Logging screen

Odometer Reading Logging

Always Up to Date

In the Commander Connect software, you can set the mileage query with a click. This means that every user is prompted to log the current mileage when returning a vehicle key to the proxSafe® operating terminal. If required, these logs can be exported as a report at a desired time or sent by e-mail.

Bedürfnisorientierte Ausgabe beim Carpool Management

Needs-Oriented Output

Random, Lowest Mileage, Longest Service Life, etc.

With demand-oriented or group output, it is possible to output vehicle keys according to certain factors. The random output of a key, the output according to the lowest mileage, and the output of a vehicle with the longest dwell time are among the most common settings. This ensures efficient use of your vehicles.

deisterCockpit Fehlermeldungen

Error Messages

Empty Tank, Vehicle Service, etc.

It is possible to define certain errors in the Commander Connect software. A distinction is made between less critical and very critical errors.

For very critical errors, the removal of the respective keyTag is blocked as long as the error exists. A terminal administrator is authorized to resolve this (provided the error has been rectified). Common examples of defined error messages are an empty tank, a required cleaning, or a service to be performed.

deisterCockpit und deisterGo auf Computer und Smartphone geöffnet

Automatic Reports

Every Detail Electronically Documented

Every action at the key cabinet or locker system is automatically documented and clearly assigned to a user. As everyone has to identify themselves at the terminal before operating it, it can be clearly documented who did what and when.

The reports can be displayed in real time in the deisterCockpit, sent automatically by e-mail as a PDF, or exported as a CSV. In addition, you can be notified of the events of your choice in the deisterGo app.

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