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Vehicle Locking System

Automate opening, starting and locking

More safety and time reduction

Automatic Vehicle Locking System

Automate opening, starting and locking

With vanLoxx, a vehicle can be safely managed and operated. vanLoxx is an automatic door and vehicle control system designed to save time and ensure safety.

Access to the driver‘s cabin or the freight compartment is only granted to drivers with a valid transponder. Readers are installed at the various doors on the vehicle. The driver simply holds his transponder against the reader and the motorised locking elements automatically unlock the doors.

When leaving the vehicle, the vanLoxx system automatically locks the entire vehicle. If the first door falls into lock, the entire vehicle is locked automatically. While driving, certain doors remain unlocked in the event of an accident.

The start of the engine is also controlled by the vanLoxx system. The driver presents the same transponder to a driver terminal and, after successful identification, can start the vehicle at the push of a button. 

The transponder completely replaces the vehicle key. Not only does the vanLoxx system make vehicle operation safer, it also saves an enormous amount of time. After simple preparation of the vehicle, the vanLoxx system is quickly installed and the return on investment is quickly apparent through higher efficiency and long-lasting product quality.

  • Saves time by using automatic door control
  • Increased safety through automatic vehicle locking
  • Durable design for more than 300.000 operations