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texRoom – Room solution

texRoom – Room solution

Central stock room for clothing and textiles

The room solution is individually planned and works like a walk-in wardrobe. Users can only pass through the intelligent revolving doors at the entry and exit of the room solution following successful identification.

The removal of fresh clothing takes a maximum of 30 seconds. The wearer identifies themselves at the texCarousel using their ID card and then enters the stock room. The wearer then removes the required garments and leaves the room via the texCarousel at the exit – in doing so, the clothing removed is automatically identified and recorded.

Laundry is returned very easily via the return cabinets, which are placed at convenient locations from a logistics point of view. The wearer simply pushes their laundry through the flap into the cabinet and it is automatically recorded.

Fresh clothing is conveniently delivered using standard wire container models via the texGate. The focus of the room solution is efficient and reliable recording of wearers and clothing, as rapid and efficient issue is particularly important for many wearers, in order to avoid waiting times and delays.

  • Individual planning of the room solution
  • No waiting times for laundry issue
  • 24 / 7 availability of laundry items
  • Efficient identification and documentation of wearers and garments
  • Maximum time passing through the revolving doors: 5 seconds


Revolving door

The tamper-proof revolving door for entering and leaving the texRoom identifies every user by means of their RFID access control credential whilst recording all the textiles removed when the user leaves via the revolving door, in just 5 seconds, automatically posting these events to the employees account. The revolvingdoor has an emergency off switch, which releases the brakes and allows users to leave the texRoom at any time. The same applies in the event of a power cut. Every revolving door has three operating modes: It can be used as an entrance, exit or dually in one direction.

If necessary, its operating mode can also be switched during operation. This universal design allows the system to be used flexibly for changing tasks.


Delivery of fresh clothing

The texGate is an access tunnel to the texRoom, in which all textiles labelled with a transponder are automatically identified and added to the stock. The texGate is activated by a motion sensor or an access control reader, when a person approaches the tunnel with a laundry container. A green LED strip indicates that the tunnel is active and can be entered. This ensures that all textiles are recorded.

It is compatible with all standard wire container models, comes without doors and other components requiring servicing and is, therefore, maintenance-free. An air-permeable roof guarantees consistently good air quality inside the texGate.

texLoad and trolleyScan

Delivery and filling


texLoad is a station for manually recording textiles and loading a laundry trolley. With the incorporated tex-Check terminal, up to 10 textiles can be recorded simultaneously. Textile service employees fill a trolley/wire con- tainer with the aid of the texLoad. The textiles, as well as the laundry trolley, are equipped with UHF transponders. Once the container has been filled, the employee quits the recording process and all the laundry items are then linked to the trolley by a special transponder. The user can see the status of the filling process at all times by looking at the clearly visible signal lights.


trolleyScan is the perfect companion to texLoad. A trolleyScan can be installed in the texRoom’s entrance area below the ceiling. The UHF reader identifies the special transponder on the trolley / wire container and prompts the garments, which are in the trolley/wire container, to be added to the texRoom stock. An LED strip shows the loader that the recording process has been successfully completed.

texInfo and texCheck

Individual transactions and information

The texInfo terminal provides a user account overview. The user simply identifies themselves using their RFID access control credential to receive an overview of their available allocation and the clothing, which is currently posted to their account.

texCheck is an additional terminal for the manual entry and removal of garments. texCheck allows up to 10 textiles to be manually entered into or removed from the system.

Efficient laundry issue in 20 to 30 seconds

Case Study - Lüneburg Hospital

Lüneburg Hospital has been equipped with the texRoom solution and is able to manage the entire laundry cycle for more than 1600 staff; from the delivery of clean workwear, removal of it by the hospital’s personnel to the return of used garments. All laundry items are labelled with a durable UHF RFID transponder, which guarantees reliable recording of garments, including within wire laundry containers, piles or bags.

The Commander Connect software automatically manages the entire laundry cycle and makes it possible to accurately monitor all processes. There is no need for employees to confirm the issue or return of garments. All they need to do is identify themselves using their RFID access control credential at the revolving doors.

“A major positive is that, the time taken for the clothing removal process, in comparison with other or even earlier systems, is significantly shorter,” says Peter Hübner, The Head of the Transport and Logistics Division of the texRoom solution. “Ultimately, this results in a high degree of employee satisfaction. We are completely happy with this solution, which we developed together with deister electronic.”

deister electronic GmbH, Barsinghausen, has equipped Klinikum Lüneburg with its laundry management system teXRoom. It manages the entire laundry cycle: from receiving cleaned workwear, through picking it up by the clinic staff, to returning dirty scrubs.

Logistic processes, optimisation of inventory and regulating the use of textiles are difficult to control and plan to achieve best outcome. By implementing teXtag you are able to incrrease transparency and manage your textiles cost-efficiently.

With teXtag you are able to gain an overview of the entire textile cycle: central and decentralised dispensing and return of textiles, the collection of used textiles and delivery of cleaned and prepared textiles.

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