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Industrial Identification

RFID systems for the digital factory in Industry 4.0

Reliable, compatible and flexible in its deployment

High performance RFID solutions as an IoT interface

Reliable identification in order to ensure transparent processes in digital companies

Industrial processes in digital companies require full transparency and a high degree of individualisation. Our RFID solutions close the gap between the real and the digital world – and thus develop new value creation potentials along the entire production and supply chain. We are already providing the industry of tomorrow with a unique, comprehensive and integrated range of RFID systems for customised applications.

The number of product variants is on the rise, and both production and the supply chain are becoming increasingly complex as a result. As such, the best solution is to choose processes which not only keep the complexity manageable, but are also cost-effective and a safe investment.

Are you looking for flexibility in your production management, efficient asset management, the ability to reliably retrace products and components and intelligently synchronise your supply chain?

Look no further. As a leading provider of industrial identification systems, deister electronic is driving development, and rolling out the technology of tomorrow, today. Our integrated and scalable portfolio offers the perfect solution for every field of application and requirement - with transparency, efficiency and flexibility.

No Batteries Necessary

Our identification systems are based on passive RFID technology (UHF, HF & LF). The transponders work without a battery, and have a very long service life.

Compact, Plug & Play

Our compact readers with integrated antennas can be installed in smaller spaces, and, since they come with only one cable, can be quickly and easily connected.


The robust design of the housing, in accordance industry standards, guarantees long durability and optimum performance in all production environments.

Secure Identification

A specifically developed data format, “deister smartFrame”, ensures reliable, tamper-proof identification of our transponders.


The efficient readers are rated up to IP67 and the high quality transponders guarantee the secure identification of the goods.

Made in Germany

All of our products are “Made in Germany”, and are developed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards of functionality and quality.

Passive HF RFID systems

Secure identification for process control

Our efficient readers are ideally suited for use in industrial automation, logistics and process control. With their compact design and the great read/write range, the readers can easily be installed in smaller spaces, difficult locations and in metal environments.

HF transponders

Suitable for any requirement

The passive HF disc transponders have been specifically developed to withstand even the severest conditions (IP67), and are especially robust and durable. In addition, special On Metal transponders are encapsulated in the housing, designed to be mounted on metal whilst achieving optimum ranges. The transponders have high data rates for rapid identification, great read/write ranges, and are ideally suited for use in logistics, automation, on vehicles and in outdoor use.

RFID system components

Easily equip devices with RFID functionality

The compact 13.56 MHz RDK 1 ISO read/write module with an integrated antenna is ideally suited for easy integration into mobile equipment, HMI, medical devices and printer technologies with little space available. Configurations with an external antenna and customer-specific software are available, as well.

Passive UHF RFID systems

Efficient and with an integrated antenna

Our TSU readers are distinguished by their extremely robust cast aluminium housing with compact design and integrated antenna. As such, they can also be installed in smaller spaces. The reader and antenna are contained in an integral housing and are perfectly co-ordinated with one another prior to leaving the factory, making trimming or regularly adjusting antennae and laying antenna cables are a thing of the past. Both TSU readers achieve a range of up to 7 m.

The operating status is indicated on the clearly visible LED display (yellow, green and red). All connections on the reader are designed as M12 connector assemblies. A durable industry standard and water-tight cable connection ensure a high degree of reliability. The TSU 220 is compatible with four field bus technologies.

UHF transponders

Robust, durable and adaptable

Our passive UHF transponders are robust, durable and specifically designed for even the severest industry conditions (IP67). They are also optimized for being mounted on metal. With the large read angle and extensive reach, they are perfectly adapted for applications in logistics, plant automation, vehicle identification, etc.

HF and UHF desktop readers

Rapid scanning of goods

Our desktop reader makes it quick and easy to assign transponders to the management system. The compact desktop reader is connected to the PC via USB. The desktop readers are available as a read only or a read/write unit.

Solutions and applications

Ready-made solutions are available for the following areas

Operating resources and tools

Tools and operating resources are smartly organised and managed. Access is logged.


Textiles for every department are automatically managed and issued to the respective staff members.

Municipal and industrial disposal

Disposal containers are automatically identified during waste collection rounds.

Vehicle locking system

Automatic opening and closing ensures security for the vehicle and cargo. The transponder replaces the key.


Quickly determine the optimal transponder position

When installing a system for long-range identification, readers and transponders need to be ideally positioned, so that all goods can be reliably recorded. An optimum solution for that is the patented POC. It quickly displays a suitable position in the field, and also information on whether the position is strong enough for the communication between the transponder and the reader.

deister smartFrame

Safely protect individual data on transponders from outside manipulation

Transponders can be programmed with individual information, such as storage location, content, quantity, size, etc. This way, your goods can be identified and managed even more precisely, and independently of the central system.

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logident applications

An integrated and scalable RFID system for any requirement


The continuous recording of the data of movable objects (raw materials, tools, work pieces, finished products) along the production and supply chain is essential in order to efficiently make use of the benefits of digitalisation. With RFID technology, goods can be retraced seamlessly.

Logistics, storage and transport

Knowing what can be found where, and in what condition is critical for optimized supply chain management. This allows the surveillance of incoming and outgoing goods, their distribution as well as being able to track and trace goods automatically and irrespective of location.


As industrial identification continuously digitalises, the requirement for rapid and precise data collection is critical. With a scalable and integrated portfolio of RFID solutions, automation experts can supplement their own range of products with an OEM solution.

Materials handling

Material flows are smartly and transparently orientated towards the future. Production orders are seamlessly recorded, and components supplied synchronously. Clear identification ensures individual and economic manufacturing.

Machinery and plant construction

Electronic access management increases process reliability through controlled and authorised access to machinery. Using HF and LF readers, staff can be securely identified, and the implementation and documentation access rights optimized.

Special machine construction and equipment

There is great potential for optimisation in several areas. Integrated HF and LF readers can be used to securely identify the original accessories, in order to ensure that your equipment has a long service life. Measurement data can, moreover, be transmitted and documented in a tamper-proof, contactless manner.