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deister electronic as an employer

How we work and what is important to us

deister electronic was founded in 1978 and, with over 200 employees and subsidiaries in 5 countries, is one of the world's leading medium-sized companies for electronic security systems and identification systems for industrial automation.

To this day, deister electronic is a family-owned company that is based in the region and has its own standards of quality and innovation as its leading force.


Working under the best possible conditions

A good workplace is a solid basis for good work. Therefore, we design our workplaces according to current standards in ergonomics and workplace guidelines.

Plenty of space at your workplace

Sufficient free space, separation and individual workplaces are available for each employee. We deliberately avoid densely occupied open-plan offices.

Height-adjustable desks

We use the most modern furniture, which can be adjusted to your body size if required.

Our workplaces offer optimum comfort and comply with current ergonomic guidelines.

Noise canceling

In order to optimally reduce ambient noise, sound-absorbing ceilings and noise damping partition walls are installed in the offices.

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Achieve balance

In order to be able to work efficiently, you need time and space to recharge with new energy. In our inner courtyard you can relax on beach chairs in a summery ambience. You can also have lunch here and enjoy an outdoor barbecue during events.

Free refreshments

The well-being of our team is important to us and that is why we want to make our contribution. As a small gift we provide juices, coffee, water and fruits from the region for free for all employees.

Knowledge, thinking, participating

In our “MMM-Meetings”, which we organize several times a year, the entire staff is briefed on current important topics. Only if everyone understands where the company is going is it possible for everyone to work in the same direction. A lunch together offers a familiar ending to the MMM.

Christmas and summer parties

At Christmas, we celebrate the end of the year together. In summer, the whole family is invited to our summer party. Since we give it all every day, we also have a good time.


Team experiences promote team spirit, communication and motivation. The group events also have a positive effect on the working atmosphere in the company.

B2Run in Hanover

No matter if running or walking or as a supporter on trackside, every participant is welcome at the company run "B2RUN". Every year we start as a team to a 6.7 km long track around the Maschsee in Hanover and experience the great finish in the HDI-Arena.