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Excellence in Industry Digital Plan Solutions Award Winners

Singapore Security Industry Awards - We are very pleased to announce that Coselec Pte Ltd is one of the prestigious SSIA Award Winners for Excellence in Industry Digital Plan Solutions for its “Connected Systems”.

The prestigious Singapore Security Industry Awards (“SSIA”) 2020 recognises the effort and commitment of organisation within the industry in supporting the Industry Transformation Map and Industry Digital Plan to strategise the industry’s shift towards integrating technology, manpower and ultimately moving away from a headcount based approach in providing security solutions and services (learn more here).

Organised by the Security Association Singapore, Security Systems Association of Singapore, and the Security Industry Institute and supported by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the SSIA recognises the top security agencies and security projects in the industry.

A Selection Committee comprising of distinguished industry representatives had evaluated and awarded Coselec on its Connected System solution for Excellence in Industry Digital Plan (IDP) Solutions. The Connected System addresses the growing industry shift towards holistically managing the disparate and fragmented operations within a building under a single IoT-enabled platform. A digitalisation concept that makes all this interconnectivity possible with less reliance on manpower.

With the deister CONNECTED SYSTEMSan intelligent connected and integrated environment is created where multiple mix of the best solutions and systems are combined to seamlessly integrate in one portal with highly encrypted interfaces. The Connected System is managed with just one powerful software without compromising security access and data integrity.

The Connected System links the data inputs to users, processes and knowledge. The strong combination of real-time connectivity, data exchange and management drives collective awareness leading to optimal control and security towards a smarter building management and operation. Digitisation is a key efficiency enabler. With newfound visibility and control over the facility’s infrastructure, the facilities team can stay focused on high-value work and strengthen business continuity. Other benefits include reduction of administrative burden, costs and risks.

Some of the multiple systems that the Connected System unifies and integrates under one single powerful platform include the following:

  • Staff and Visitors Protection System
  • Assets and Management Tracking
  • RFID inventory to optimize and decentralize management of textiles (e.g. hospital scrubs and linen inventories)
  • Centralised distribution of uniforms and linens
  • Management of keys on site and remotely, creating more transparency and security for healthcare facilities
  • The right access control for any door. Options of access control with online readers, long range readers for hands free access
  • Access control system for personnel door access
  • Digital locking systems for electronic door access
  • Key management systems that automatically control and manage who has access to which keys
  • Guard tour management system that provides safety checks and guarding management
  • Vehicle identification system that identifies vehicles reliably and accurately

The productivity and security enhancements resulting from this IDP Solution of deister Connected Systems are that Information becomes more integrated, secure and connected rendering the data generated with swift response and abilities to communicate to back-end AI. Thereby cutting down on manpower tremendously otherwise deployed in many of the separate building work functions. Staff can easily be deployed in other areas of work. 

In summary, the benefits of deister Connected Systems are:

  • Single platform to monitor all event transactions from various systems – more data efficiency and accuracy
  • Highly encrypted interfaces between systems - more secured
  • Future-proofing technology with seamless expansion - ever ready for deep tech environment
  • Cost-savings by eliminating third party interfacing - more connectivity at less cost
  • Highly productive and efficient management of the systems and devices - eliminates fragmentation of different systems, devices and equipment, all stay connected and digitalised
  • Eliminates manpower redundancy - systems become digitialised and works automatically

Information becomes more integrated and connected, rendering the data generated with swift response and abilities for communicating to a back-end AI, thereby cutting down on manpower tremendously otherwise deployed in many of the separate building work functions. Staff can easily be deployed in other areas of work. 

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