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Experience deister electronic at the Security 2018

Find out in hall 3, booth C78 how you can safely automate tasks and processes with solutions from deister electronic. In addition, we will show new asset management solutions so that you can optimally use and transparently manage your work equipment and utensils in the future.

Barsinghausen, September 3rd, 2018 – Experience deister electronic at hall 3, booth C78 and find out how you can securely automate processes and have more time for important tasks that create real added value for your business and customers. We will also present new asset management solutions enabling you to make best use of your assets and manage your resources in a transparent, easy way.

All our solutions can be seamlessly connected and are managed with our central management software “Commander Connect”.


Some highlights at a glance: 

Design meets performance

Let our new generation of access control readers convince you at this year's security trade fair. The new timeless design provides a high-quality appearance and the proven deister performance for fast and smooth operation including an illuminated keypad and 3 status LED´s. In addition to common reading technologies, Bluetooth and NFC are also supported.  


Theft protection and tracking of keys and assets

With deister´s intelligent cabinet system, you limit access to keys and assets to authorised persons only, automatically record withdrawals and returns, simplify administration through a better overview and now, for the first time: prevent keys and assets from being stolen.


Employee and patient protection

deister´s new personal protection system can be used in many ways. In occupational safety, employees can be protected from injury, e.g. when operating machines, or they can prevent themselves from attacks by pushing a panic button. Also, people with dementia or new-borns can be reliably protected.


Flexible asset management

Our intelligent asset management system “bloxx” enables you to manage equipment and valuables quickly and securely. Various frames and modules with different compartment sizes can be freely combined with one another, allowing any equipment to be managed in the same system.


Fully automatic management of textiles and workwear

It is now a walk in the park to automate your basic processes so you and your staff can spend time on important things. With our customizable room solution and our smart dispense and return cabinets, you can automate centralized and decentralized textile management, optimize availability, create transparency and make the restocking processes much more efficient. 24/7, fully automated and electronically documented.

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