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Physical Keys – Securing the Weak Link in Access Control

Reduce Risk with proxSafe Key Management Systems

Even the most modern facilities require physical keys. This inventory of keys can include master keys, vehicle keys, maintenance keys, cabinet keys and many more. Physical keys, particularly master keys, can present a minimally controlled risk with the ability to bypass access control systems, exposing valuable equipment, risking patient safety, and creating the opportunity for vandalism or worse.

Key Identification — Keys become lost. There is little way around this. Each key in the proxSafe system is attached to a keyTag with a tamper-evident seal. The keyTag provides discrete RFID identification and secures the key in the proxSafe cabinets. If a key becomes lost, there are no distinguishing marks to give away what the key goes to. Only those with access to the proxSafe readers can identify the lost key.

Key Curfews— Whether it is a vehicle key or master key, certain keys should be returned on a regular basis. Master keys going home with employees can fall into the wrong hands, and when they’re lost, it’s best to know right away. If a key misses an expected return, you can get the jump on a lost key and potential security breach. With vehicle keys, you can be notified of late arrival, know which vehicles are available, reserve vehicles for privileged users, and efficiently manage vehicle assignment.

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deister electronic — Expanding its US Reach and Offering

deister electronic’s RFID technologies have been present in the US for many years and are found in security solutions businesses rely on daily. We are excited to build on 40+ years of RFID innovation with a growing line of physical security and asset management solutions in the US market. While our solutions support many industries around the world, we are particularly focused on the value we bring to healthcare facilities.

Our new US website launched on July 9th. Visit us online to learn about proxSafe Key Management, proxSafe Asset Management, tranSpeed Vehicle Identification, Fleet Management, Proof of Visit, Access Control, Weapons Management, and RFID Uniform solutions.

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