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Better Key Management Supports Better Fleet Management

Whether you manage a utility, police department, municipality, transit service, or campus, your fleet represents a considerable operating expense for fuel and maintenance. In larger fleets, manual coordination of vehicle assignments, maintenance management, and even keeping track of keys can become inefficient. Without automated systems to keep you on schedule and in control of your cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and various service vehicles, you face high administration costs as well.

With proxSafe Intelligent Key Management, you can do much more than secure keys. It can become your central hub for managing your fleet. When integrated with fleet management software, proxSafe helps you get the most from your vehicles, without relying on manual processes for assigning, reserving for special occasions, or holding a car for maintenance.


When a vehicle is due for maintenance, the system will reserve the car for the service team. Mechanics can check out the keys to work on the car, and when the keys are returned, release the vehicle for duty. Meanwhile, the system will assign an alternative vehicle. No need to shuffle keys around an assignment board or worry about missing a maintenance appointment.


Occasionally a vehicle may be needed for a local event, fundraiser, or community outreach program. Blocking out times can be easily managed along with assigning alternative vehicles. With fleet management, special events won’t derail your daily routine.

Load Balancing

proxSafe and fleet management software can help you extend the life of your fleet. It will enforce your maintenance schedule and balance utilization. By rotating access to vehicles, your solution will prevent select vehicles from being overused.


Real-time knowledge of key returns and the ability to run reports on vehicle access can support many use cases. Whether you need to validate vehicle returns, or audit vehicle history, tracking key transactions is simple with automated reporting. You can even audit shift changes against key transaction history.

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