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ROI Guidance for proxSafe Intelligent Key Management

proxSafe Intelligent Key Management and Smart Storage solutions offer many use cases for improving security, improving asset management, expediting asset transactions, and reducing administrative burden. The brief list below is excellent for starting the conversation with your deister representative or integrator.

Searching for Keys — Eliminate wasted time searching for keys that may be lost, checked out, buried in a drawer, or hanging in a traditional key cabinet.

Checking Out Keys — Standing in line and waiting for an administrator to sign out a key manually is a thing of the past with Intelligent Key Management. Just access the cabinet with a smart card and PIN to select your assigned key(s).

Lost Keys — Lost master keys have cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in rekeying cylinders, not to mention the risks of vandalism, theft, and damage to your organization’s reputation.

Administration — Managing key access through traditional methods creates a bottleneck of paperwork and limits access options to either ownership of a key or checkout from a central location. With proxSafe you can assign keys through the web-based application.

Conveniently Locate Keys — Most employees do not need constant access to master keys, but when they are needed, they can be centrally managed while geographically dispersed for time-saving access. Plus, trading key ownership for key access improves overall security.

Integration with PACS — proxSafe solutions integrate with Physical Access Control Systems so your security team can manage access to keys and doors through one system. 

Auditing and Alerting — Reporting on access is automated through the Commander Control software. You can audit contractors’ access to keys and cross check with time sheets to ensure there are no discrepancies. When keys miss curfew, the system can create an automated alert, greatly simplifying threat reporting requirements.


Now Available – Color keyTags

Deister keyTags are now available in five colors including the original black, yellow, blue, green, and red. Color-coding keys is a great way to indicate which security level a particular key has or define fixed colors for entire key groups and areas. Each color is available in a set containing 16 keyTags, 16 key rings and 25 seals.

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