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tranSpeed Technical Training (english)

Training Content

  • Introduction of deister electronic GmbH
  • Introduction of tranSpeed
  • RFID technology functional principle
  • Coupling form differences and physical limits
  • Cunctional principle and channel range
  • Reader configuration using DeisterConfig
  • Channel configuration examples
  • Functional principle and configuration using DeisterConfig
  • Test Mode and antenna tuning
  • Introduction of various transponder types
  • Transponder installation on regular and metalized windscreens
  • Alternative positions and installation examples
  • Firmware update on reader and converter
  • Introduction of IDC
  • Operating modes
  • Introduction of tranSpeed Control Software
  • Introduction of Commander Connect Software
  • System setup and IDC installation using Commander Connect

Target Audience

  • This course is intended primarily for engineers whose work requires the installation, commissioning and optimisation of long range readers
  • Project planners and installers

Purpose of this course

  • Gain the necessary knowledge to install wide range readers and transponders
  • Understand the fundamentals of long range readers
  • Mastering the operating software
  • Troubleshooting