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proxSafe weapon drawer cabinet

Manage your weapons

Reliable security and complete documentation

All up in arms about weapon safety? With the new WDC 8 rifle locker, the traceability of your weapons is always guaranteed. The weapon cabinet provides ample storage for your service weapons with its separate, individually locked drawers.  

Restrict access to each object, only allowing authorized personnel to access them at specific times and get a real-time electronic audit trail of who takes what and when. 
Combined with our Commander Connect software, this intelligent and highly secure weapon locker always provides detailed reporting on all removals and returns of your weapons, their magazines as well as other equipment. The deisterGo App enables you to receive a real time audit trail of who has taken or returned which weapon and magazine when – from anywhere in the world.


  • Automated audit trail of all removals and returns 
  • Secure access via access control card or PIN 
  • Individual item storage 
  • Receive alerts if items are not returned on time 
  • Limit access to the system to working hours only

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