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RFID for Industry 4.0

  • RFID for Industry 4.0

RFID for logistics, production and industry

Reliable identification for more transparency

RFID for logistics, production, and industry

Reliable identification for more transparency

Production environments have changed completely over the past years: Strong variations in order input, the trend towards short-term ordering, the demand for customer-tailored products, and the falling predictability of costs and market developments all make new concepts a necessity. Industry 4.0 will accelerate this development even more.

At the same time innovative processes, transparency, and a high degree of process efficiency are of great importance, because this has an effect on both the degree of competitiveness and the technical progress of products and equipment. The implementation of RFID systems provides more information, efficiency, and transparency in production and global logistics. 

With the help of our robust and powerful transponders and readers, goods, palettes, and parcels can be reliably identified at a distance of several metres.
Thus flows of goods can be documented and monitored transparently. Production and logistics can be planned better, and information is available at any time.

Secure identification

A specially developed data format, "deister smartFrame", ensures manipulation proof and reliable identification of our transponders.


Robust housing design according to industry standards assures durability and optimum performance in every production environment.


Powerful readers up to protection class IP67 and high-quality transponders guarantee secure identification of goods.

Without batteries

Our identification systems are based on passive RFID technology (UHF, HF & LF). The transponders work without batteries and have a very long lifetime.

Compact, Plug & Play

Our compact readers with integrated antenna have space-saving installation configurations and can be quickly and simply connected with just one cable.

Made in Germany

All products are made in Germany. Their function and quality are developed, produced and tested to the highest standards.

LF, HF & UHF Transponders

Robust and flexible in use

Our transponder portfolio includes LF, HF and passive UHF transponders, with a robust housing especially designed for a long working life in the harsh environment of production and logistics. 

In addition, there are special on-metal transponders, which are specially designed for use on metal and provide optimum ranges. There are flexible transponders which can be vulcanised into flexible materials, such as mats.

UHF Readers

Passive long-range identification

The TSU readers are distinguished by an extremely robust housing made of die-cast aluminium and a compact design with an integrated antenna. Thus TSU-series readers can be installed in tight spaces and can handle the demanding conditions of a production environment. The reader and antenna are fitted in one housing and harmonised with each other during production, so that trimming or regular adjustment of the antenna and laying of antenna cables are now a thing of the past. The TSU 200 / 220 has a range of up to 7 m and the TSU 100 has a range up to 3 m.

Learn more about TSU Readers

Tool management

Intelligent & decentralised use

With the smartCabinet you achieve optimum decentralised management of tools and equipment. The cabinet is designed for fast access; removal and return can be carried out without complicated operations in less than 5 seconds. The system automatically records the user, the removed or returned items, and records all bookings until they are accessed by the superordinate system. And this runs 24/7.

LF/HF writing & reading devices

Identification of products and flow of goods

The powerful RDL and IDL readers are ideally suited for use in the fields of industrial automation and logistics in managed processes. Thanks to their compact structural shape and wide read/writing range, the readers can be easily installed to save space, even in tricky positions.

LF/HF & UHF table-top readers

Fast detection of goods

The compact table-top reader has the format of a PC mouse, and is available in LF/HF and UHF versions. The power is supplied via USB. The table-top readers are available in read or read/write versions.

Transponders for windshields

Full control of the vehicle fleet

The RFID windshield tag, which is stuck to the inside of the windshield, is used for contact-free identification of vehicles. The tag has been developed for high transmission performance behind glass, and works passively without batteries. 

The specially developed antenna for the UHF tag allows optimum range through a windshield from up to 6 m away with a TSU 200 reader. 
The sticker quality prevents non-destructive removal.

Controller and converter

Modular and flexible

Using our bus controller with e.g. 4 inputs and 4 outputs and various interfaces, the reader can be optimally linked to an ERP, LVS, SAP system, and more. 
The control device, compatible with top-hat rails, provides encrypted interfaces for logident readers, potential-free contacts for entry and exit barriers, as well as for signal light systems. In addition, the controller features a Linux programming environment for use with in-house middleware or logics.

Interface converter simplify the integration of logident components into an existing system and support conventional interfaces such as Ethernet, RS485, etc. On the input side communication takes place using the deBUS protocol.

deister smartFrame

The goods and products know where they belong on their own!

Program our logident transponders yourself according to your individual requirements, such as storage location, content, quantity, size, etc. In this way your goods and products can be more precisely identified and managed independently of the central system.

All data stored in the logident transponder are encrypted and thus protected against manipulation. The 128-bit EPC data set makes it possible to achieve maximum performance when scanning items in bulk.


Installation made easy

When installing a system for long range identification, the challenge is always to place the readers and transponders in the best possible position to ensure all goods and products are reliably detected. One optimal solution is the POC, registered for patent.

The POC behaves exactly like a transponder. Using the integrated LED, it indicates whether the field is strong enough for communication between the transponder and the reader in each position in said field. In this way, the optimum position for the transponder can be located quickly and clearly. Thus the reading fields can also be limited to the area desired, so that only the required goods or products are identified.

Reliable goods identification for Industry 4.0

More data for more transparency

Reliable identification is essential for the intelligent linking of processes, as well as the exact identification and locating of products and goods. 

Our RFID technology is especially suitable for this, because we are able to configure our readers so precisely that the reading field is precisely limited to the required detection area, so that only the required transponders are identified. 

Using this precise identification of your goods, vehicles, palettes, and products your logistics processes can be far better administered and controlled.

Fields of application

Fields of application -Logistics


RFID transponders contain coded data which can be read using the UHF readers installed on transport vehicles. There is no need for manual input of identification information.

Storage location identification

Storage location identification

We offer RFID solutions for mobile and automatic identification of load carriers, goods, and storage spaces in warehouse logistics.

Assign and monitor access to work tools and equipment


Explicitly assign and automatically monitor access to work tools and equipment, as well as inventory, in order to optimise and simplify work processes.

Diverse digital I/Os, interfaces


Diverse digital I/Os, interfaces, and service functionality offer maximum flexibility in order to optimally solve different applications and use existing systems.