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RFID for logistics, production, and industry

Reliable identification for more transparency

Production environments have changed completely over the past years: Strong variations in order input, the trend towards short-term ordering, the demand for customer-tailored products, and the falling predictability of costs and market developments all make new concepts a necessity. Industry 4.0 will accelerate this development even more.

At the same time innovative processes, transparency, and a high degree of process efficiency are of great importance, because this has an effect on both the degree of competitiveness and the technical progress of products and equipment. The implementation of RFID systems provides more information, efficiency, and transparency in production and global logistics.

With the help of our robust and powerful transponders and readers, goods, palettes, and parcels can be reliably identified at a distance of several metres.
Thus flows of goods can be documented and monitored transparently. Production and logistics can be planned better, and information is available at any time.