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Keybox proxSafe maxx

The maxx electronic key cabinet

Compact and elegant

With its automatic, space-saving roller door and elegant design, our compact proxSafe maxx key cabinet guarantees efficient key management in modern office environments. Many industries already use our intelligent key cabinets 24 hours a day, and with great success. These include hotel facilities, healthcare co-working spaces, casinos, cleaning companies, large hauliers, logistics centres, security companies, exhibition centres and complex industrial facilities.

Key release is controlled and logged electronically, so you can be certain that only authorised staff have access to the company's assets. As a result, you can reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and gain control over all key movements, at all times.

The electronic key cabinet features robust steel housing and is available in different sizes for individual keys, small sets of keys, or for larger sets of keys. You can combine multiple key cabinets to add capacity and operate them all easily from a single central terminal.

Our maintenance-free, robust keyTag fobs have an integrated RFID chip that locks them firmly into the slot in the maxx key cabinet. The roller shutter keeps them hidden from view, so they are doubly protected against unwanted access. To access keys, users identify themselves at the terminal with a transponder card, enter a PIN code or use a fingerprint reader. We can configure the terminal to meet your requirements. At the terminal, you can quickly and directly see who is currently holding any set of keys, and get the list of which keys are available or have been issued.

When you want to remove a key, the roller shutter on the key cabinet opens automatically and the red light for the selected key slot lights up. Once the key is removed, the roller shutter closes automatically. The roller shutter also stops automatically if anyone’s hand is underneath it. To return keys quickly, users simply hold their keyTag fob in front of the terminal reader. For added security, the system can be configured so that users also must identify themselves first. The relevant key cabinet opens automatically and the red light for the free key slot lights up.

Installing our superbly reliable key management system is easy with our Commander Connect software, which you can integrate with your existing software. The web-based software is accessible from anywhere, anytime, allowing you to manage and configure user-specific access rights. You can create a log of all key withdrawals and key returns as an individual report, or email individual users to remind them to return any key they are still holding. You can also see notifications about key movements on the deisterGo app if you are out of the office.

Even if there is a network failure, the user terminal guarantees smooth operation thanks to local data storage and the internal back-up battery. The shutter and key slots can also be unlocked manually in an emergency.

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