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proxSafe bloxx


Intelligent asset management

Managing work equipment and valuables efficiently and reliably usually involves a lot of effort and represents a major cost factor for companies. What sounds so simple quickly becomes chaotic: the right equipment is never available, you don't know who is using what at the moment and when you need something urgently, it is either not where it should be, not charged or damaged.

In the bloxx electronic storage system, equipment, devices and valuables can be stored and intelligently managed. The system has a modular design and consists of different compartment sizes and drawers that can be combined individually.

With software features and additional functionalities, such as integrated charging of electronic devices or RFID compartment monitoring, bloxx enables much more than the mere storage of objects. Electronic devices such as tablets or smartphones can be charged inside the compartments, for example, and the bloxx system automatically dispenses the device with the highest charge to the user on request. This automatically ensures constant availability.

bloxx can be configured in such a way that the user always receives the least used asset, so that all devices wear out evenly. Thus, the lifetime of the end devices or work equipment can be significantly extended, as bloxx can automatically ensure consistent use through intelligent output.

The intelligent lockers know at all times what is in use and by whom. It offers complete transparency. Through this kind of intelligent management, the work equipment or the stock of devices can be reduced to an optimum, as it is possible to understand how much of what is really in use or needed.

This way, the bloxx series enables a complete overview, more efficient utilisation of work equipment, valuables and end devices and significant cost savings after a short time.


  • Modular design, scalable as required
  • Various operating terminals to suit requirements
  • Separate storage