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Key Management Systems

Stay in Control and prevent Chaos

Key boxes and key cabinets make managing and finding keys easy and reliable.

Key management for efficient control of key handovers

Secure storage and electronic management of keys

Manual key management costs a lot of time and energy. A key is quickly lost, the trouble is enormous, searching for it is time-consuming and often unsuccessful. With more and more mechanical keys in circulation, you can quickly loose track. A manual issue of keys, e.g. for security-relevant buildings, rooms, commercial properties, industrial sites, vehicle parks and fleets, can result in an immense administrative effort, significant security gaps and very high costs.Would you like to save yourself this hassle and your valuable time by leaving the key chaos behind? Would you like to have a better overview and full control over your numerous keys? deister electronic provides efficient solutions for key management. With electronic key management, user access to individual keys can be pre-defined and clearly managed via the Commander Connect software.

All key removals and returns are automatically documented and can be retrieved easily. The intelligent key cabinet proxSafe ensures a transparent, controlled key transfer and an efficient management of from eight up to several thousand keys.

Of course, your key storage can be individually configured to your specific requirements based on the number of keys and key ring sizes. This is made possible by our cabinet models and flexible panels. Each key cabinet offers 24/7 access and is easy to set up and operate. Your key experience: a totally secure solution for 100% control over all your keys - and more resources for the essential tasks of the day.

100% maintenance free

Thanks to RFID technology the keyTags attached to the keys operate contactless – this means inserting the tags in the slots does not result in any wear and tear.

Local or global

Our software is web-based so it supports administration across multiple locations. This means you are easily able to centrally monitor systems in different locations.


A variety of features and modules for diverse applications. All access is automatically documented and the information issued in user definable reports.

Emergency operation mode

All cabinets remain operational - even in the case of a power or network failure. The data is stored locally and an integrated emergency battery secures continued operation.

Guaranteed future proof

All installed modules are replaceable and backwards compatible. If the requirements change, the system can move with the times accordingly.

Made in Germany

All products are made in Germany. Their function and quality are developed, produced and tested to the highest standards.

Electronic key box Smart4

Compact & space saving

The Smart4 is a compact, 4-slot electronic key management system that can manage single or multiple keys. Its design is based on ease of use, where the user simply presents his credential and the system automatically releases only the keys he is authorized to take.

The system provides operational continuity with built-in battery backup and a local database that continues to work during network failures, server failures and power outages.

  • Secure and compact
  • Ease of use
  • Remote key release through management software
  • Features for continuity of operation

Electronic key box maxx 6U

Compact and elegant

Our compact proxSafe key box maxx 6U with space-saving automatic shutter door and elegant design guarantees efficient key management for modern office environments. The electronic key box with robust steel housing is available in different versions for single keys, narrow key bunches or with slots for larger key bunches if required. Several key boxes can be combined and expanded with each other and can be easily operated with only one central terminal.

Thanks to our maintenance-free, robust keyTag with integrated RFID chip, all keys are securely locked in the maxx key box via slot locking, are not visible due to the shutter lock and are therefore doubly protected against manipulation.

To remove the key, the shutter door of the key box automatically opens and the slot of the selected key lights up red. After removal, the shutter door closes automatically and stops automatically if there is a hand underneath the shutter door.

Key management system "flexx"

Modular and flexible

The key cabinet flexx is available in five different sizes, which can be individually combined using the modular principle. In this way, small, compact systems from 16 key slots, or even large key depots with space for several thousand keys can be combined. The modular design offers maximum capacity in a small space and the possibility of adapting the system to a specific room or expanding it later.

The cabinets can be individually configured with the necessary, flexible slot modules, named keyPanels, and can be easily expanded or changed as needed, even at short notice. Depending on the number and size of the key bundles, keyPanels are available with different slot sizes. In addition, specific panels can be integrated for the controlled transfer of ISO cards and radio equipment.

For key dispensing, the users identify themselves at the terminal, the door of the key depot opens and the key can be taken from the lighted slot. Thanks to the slot interlocks, all keys are doubly secured and, even when the door is open, can only be removed with the corresponding authorization.

All cabinet models are made of high quality powder coated steel and are available with a viewing window in the metal door upon request. Smaller cabinets are designed for hanging installation, and the 24-U key cabinet can be installed with an optional pedestal. The 36-U model can be perfectly installed in combination with our compartment systems for valuables for very extensive key depots. This allows you to set up an electronic management system to securely manage assets such as keys and other work equipment automatically and control user access.


The C4+ and C6+ terminals have now been given an intuitive and uniform user interface. Simplicity and clear menu structures are the main focus in order to make operation as easy as possible for new users. The design of both user interfaces follow the same concept, so that a user can operate both terminals without further introduction.


Smart reliable identification for your keys

The keyTag is the heart of a key management system. Each keyTag has a unique identity so that its location within the cabinet is known.

The most important and critical part of the system must perform all of the time to ensure that you have access to the keys when you need them, that’s why proxSafe uses the most advanced identification technology available - RFID.

  • Includes integral keyring and seal
  • Contactless, so no wear
  • Works without a battery

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Key management

Keys remain a vital part of any security solution yet their importance is often overlooked. Knowing quickly who, when and where they are means you are always in control and keys are accounted for.

Smart storage lockers

Radios, test equipment, tools, laptops and much more can be managed automatically and efficiently so you know that the equipment is ready, and battery powered devices are fully charged for when they are needed.

Fleet management

Restricting access to comply with insurance, safety and training requirements. Driving licencing validity, vehicle mileage and fault logging. Roaming keys are identified at which ever cabinet location they are returned to.

Diverse digital I/Os, interfaces

Systems integration

Uniform interfaces and protocols make possible easy integration with other systems, such as identification and access control of people and vehicles.