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Key Cabinets proxSafe flexx

The flexx key management system

Configure your own personalised, electronic key cabinet

Whether you want to store eight or several thousand, our modular proxSafe flexx key cabinets make it possible. Many industries already use our flexible, configurable, intelligent key cabinets with great success. These include shipping companies, hotels, building service providers, employment agencies, car dealerships, community centres, the emergency services, energy suppliers, airports and retail stores.

Controlling and logging key withdrawals electronically means you can be certain that only authorised staff have access to your company's assets. It also means you can reduce your operating costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and gives you full control over all key movements.

Cabinets vary in size and provide space for the secure storage and automated management of eight to 384 keys per cabinet. The key cabinets feature sturdy steel housing, which can be individually combined in a modular way to meet your needs. You can add more at any time.

Our key management system is unique thanks to the option to design each cabinet individually with keyPanels, which are flexible slot modules with different slot densities. Depending on the number and size of your sets of keys, individual keyPanels in the cabinet can easily be replaced at a later date, allowing you the flexibility of updating the system to meet your changing needs. You can include specific panels for the controlled release of ISO cards or wireless devices or even add these later.

Our systems feature specific functionality for managing vehicle keys including Identification of users at the terminal with driver's license or breathalyser checks before keys are released. You can also retrieve additional information on the current status of individual vehicles in the fleet via the terminal.

In flexx key cabinets, each key is locked firmly into the slot lock by a maintenance-free, robust keyTag fob featuring an integrated RFID chip. The solid steel door can include a viewing pane, and protects keys from unwanted access in two ways.

Terminal-based control of flexx cabinets

Authenticate and operate

One central terminal can control several cabinets. The terminal allows you to see who is currently holding any set of keys, and the list of keys that are available or have been issued. You can have the terminal configured to meet your needs, including a touch screen or keypad and - if you wish - an integrated breathalyser.

To access keys, users identify themselves at the terminal with a transponder card, enter a PIN code or use a fingerprint reader. The door of the key cabinet will unlock, the red light beside the slot for the selected key will light up and the key can be removed. To return a key, users identify themselves or hold the keyTag fob up to the terminal reader. The relevant cabinet opens automatically and the red light for the free key slot lights up.

Connected Systems

One central element connects all your systems

Our web-based Commander Connect software makes it easy to install our reliable key management system and, if necessary, integrate it into your existing software. It allows you to manage and configure user-specific access anywhere, any time.

You can create a log of all key movements as an individual report, or email individual users to remind them to return any key they are still holding. You can also see notifications about key movements on the deisterGo app if you are out of the office.

Storing data locally and using an internal emergency battery guarantees that the user terminal will operate smoothly even if there is a network or power failure. The door and slots can be unlocked manually in an emergency.

You can combine our modular flexx cabinets with our specialised systems for valuables to build complex management systems that you can adapt and extend at any time. We would be happy to advise you on the best way to configure your personalised, electronic management system for keys or other valuables.

flexx key cabinet models

From 8 to 384 key slots in each

Five different sizes of cabinet, with solid steel doors, optional viewing panes and terminals with a touch screen or keypad. The number of key slots per cabinet for panels with the highest slot density, i.e. for individual keys and small sets of keys.

flexx II 3 U
Up to 32 key slots, wall-mounted

flexx II 6 U
Up to 64 key slots, wall-mounted

flexx II 12 U
Up to 128 key slots, wall-mounted

flexx II 24 U
Up to 256 key slots, wall- or base-mounted

flexx II 36 U
Up to 384 key slots, floor-standing cabinet

Combine with intelligent deposit boxes and drawers

proxSafe: the versatile, electronic management system

The cabinets for our proxSafe flexx key safes have a solid steel door and can be fitted with or without a viewing pane. Inside, flexible keyPanels provide secure storage and management for sets of keys of all sizes, as well as ISO cards and wireless devices if necessary.

The flexx key cabinet can also be easily combined with specialist electronic systems. Holding valuables securely and electronically is easy. Simply add our deposit boxes and modular bloxx drawer system to your proxSafe flexx key cabinet.

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