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deisterCockpit - Big Data Analytics


A clear view of everything at all times

deisterCockpit is Big Data Analytics software and allows the data generated in the system to be analysed and processed. Using targeted analysis algorithms and intelligent data processing, statistics, overviews and figures can be determined, with which you can optimise your business processes. Identify patterns, analyse consumption and use and check the results of your processes in clear and customised cockpits.

deisterCockpit can be directly and individually configured for your processes and your business, allowing you to obtain precisely the information that you actually need.

All benefits at a glance

Consumption analysis

Define individual periods during which you specifically analyse the consumption of certain clothing. In doing so, you can define specific periods, or selective ongoing units of time, such as e.g. consumption on every Monday and Wednesday of the week.

Consumption statistics

Create absolute transparency and greater availability. Establish periods and precisely monitor the individual consumption of your clothing. Filter by type of clothing, user, division or condition of clothing, allowing you to specifically optimise your stock on the basis of real consumption data.

Stock overview

Define the divisions of your company and view the status of your stock in each division in an easy-to-read diagram in real time. How many Size M tops are at the laundry, how many are in stock and how many are being worn? The stock overview shows you the current stock at any time.

Individual analysis 

Do you have special processes or do you want to visualise and verify new procedures? Do you want to expand an analysis with a para- meter or a figure? You know exactly what you need and we can assist you, with our wealth of experience, to further develop and adapt the cockpit specifically for you.

Configurable cockpits and widgets

For a maximum of individuality

deisterCockpit offers the option of configuring a number of cockpits and assigning individual access rights to each of them. This allows you to process specific data for certain user groups and present it using an individual cockpit. In this case, everyone sees what they need and should see. Cockpit is a server-based application, which is installed centrally on the server and can then be used via the browser by each PC within the same network.

Each department or individual can configure their own cockpits and have them displayed on their own PC or to everyone on public monitors. 
A comprehensive range of different widgets offers you every possible opportunity to re-process your data. Every widget can use various

presentation formats, e.g. bar charts, figures, tables or pie charts. Data sources and intelligent analyses can be individually configured – exactly as you need them.

  • Early identification and correction of negative trends
  • Display of new trends and developments
  • Optimum, figure-based support for decisions
  • Time savings compared to conventional individual reports 
  • Clear and easy-to-understand presentation of all key figures

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