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Newsletter of the Braunschweiger Wach- und Schließgesellschaft

Braunschweiger Wach- und Schliessgesellschaft

Case Study

Three corporate sites are equipped with innovative electronic key management - Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and the Goslar subsidiary.

Seamlessly traceable electronic key management

Three corporate sites are equipped with innovative electronic key management - Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and the Goslar subsidiary. deister electronic's proxSafe system sets standards in terms of security, efficiency and transparency.


What happens in case of an alarm?

At 03:15 in the morning Stefan Peipe, district manager, approaches the key room entrance. Prior to this, he was on tour in Braunschweig in his vehicle and was informed by the alarm receiving centre (AES) that an alarm message had been received. Access to the storage room for the site keys is exclusively granted via personalized identification. Stefan Peipe does not gain access to the key room until he has gone through these identification steps.


Safe and straightforward

Using the electronic key management interface, the corresponding site key in the key cabinet is activated directly via the control centre software. As an authorized intervention authority, Stefan Peipe authenticates himself at the terminal of the key cabinet and can only then remove the site key released for him. "This creates inevitability in the removal and return of keys, which provides even more security. For each site key, it is clearly defined who may remove and use it and when. This ensures that the location of the object key is automatically documented in a tamper-proof manner," explains Sascha Rindt, Operations Manager at Braunschweiger Wach- und Schließgesellschaft, who played a key role in the installation of electronic key management systems at all three sites. "The signalling on the cabinets and the illuminated key slot quickly guide me to the correct site key - now I can drive directly to the building from which the alarm was reported in order to check the situation on site," says Stefan Peipe.

"With our digital key management systems, we clearly differentiate ourselves from the competition".


Manipulation-proof documentation

At the Wach- und Schließgesellschaft, thousands of key slots are managed by an electronic key management system from deister electronic - a specialist for electronic security and identification solutions. These are stored in specially designed secure key cabinets.

"We were looking for an adaptable and powerful system with which key management could assign access authorizations from a central location and automatically manage and document all keys. It also had to be possible to create software-based user profiles," explains Sascha Rindt. "This increases security by protecting the site keys from unauthorised access by third parties and thus from unauthorised use".

"Security goals with top priority are reliability, documentation, transparency".


Centerpiece: The keyTag

One of the major components of electronic key management is the keyTag. Each site key is attached to a keyTag containing an RFID chip and is secured by additional coding and sealing. In this way every key movement - i.e. removal and return - can be documented. "The removal and return of site keys is person-related and is automatically documented in an audit-proof manner. In the event of non-return, an alarm with defined emergency measures is triggered after defined times," explains Sascha Rindt.


Efficient and future-oriented

Aspects such as the future viability of the system, user-friendliness and more efficient processes were also important." By combining our electronic key management system with the existing access control system, we were able to significantly reduce the need for time-consuming manual key issuing and returning as well as paper documentation," concludes Sascha Rindt. "The automated documentation processes are a further advantage, which in turn increase security and transparency. These aspects are of course particularly important to us as a security service.