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Integrating security into an existing system-Dynamo Netherlands

Integrating security into an existing system-Dynamo Netherlands


The behaviour of visitors in social hotspots is often affected by increased risk of aggression due to alcohol or drug consumption. This may escalate within a very short time and get out of control. In such cases, employees of the Dynamo youth entertainment centre quickly feel no longer safe without it becoming clear that an aggressive situation is already approaching. The Dynamo youth entertainment centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, therefore decided to equip the entire centre with the latest security solutions, especially to ensure the protection of its employees.

Special requirements

The Dynamo is a big center. It has seven different areas and a concert hall with a capacity of up to 500 people. Dynamo had the requirement to equip the employees with a mobile alarm button so that they could immediately alert other people in the case of an escalation. All Youth Centre employees need a mobile alarm button during well-attended events to be able to alert other employees or security staff with one simple click, indicating the exact location of the area. An additional requirement was the ability to integrate this application into the access control system, intrusion alarm and camera surveillance system to cover all requirements through a single user interface.

The solution

In this special case, amanTag’s PersonalBasic technology, which works with locators, receivers and personal transponders with alarm buttons, was the perfect solution. The employees are equipped with a personal transponder, which they can use to trigger an alarm in a dangerous situation. After pressing the call button, the locator acknowledges the alarm and the LED of the transponder flashes as a visual confirmation. The user then knows exactly that his call has been received. The alarm is transmitted to other employees or security staff, who immediately receive the alarm message and the exact information about the area where the dangerous situation is taking place. The amanTag solution is integrated into the access control system of one of our OEM partners who installed the intrusion alarm and the video surveillance system. Everything on a single platform, so the user only needs one system.

Project Summary

Project goal

  • Protect personnel and visitors from violent acts
  • Reduce violence tendencies


  • Many rooms that need to be monitored
  • Integration of access control, burglar alarm and camera monitoring


  • Intelligent and reliable personal protection system


  • High security level without expensive building modifications
  •  Virtually maintenance-free hard- and software