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Central access control - GemiTeam GmbH

Central access control - GemiTeam GmbH


Together with Vienna-based ACONDA systems GmbH, the Regensburg system house GemiTeam GmbH has developed a complete electronic access control and booking system for laundry rooms in all the apartment blocks managed by Wiener Wohnen Haus- & Außenbetreuung GmbH. Each RFID reader was pre-tested by deister electronic and shipped with consistently high quality

RFID readers: tested quality in laundry rooms in Vienna

Those of us who don’t have a washing machine know the problem: chaos in the communal laundry room that is often caused by unauthorized users, lost keys and an illegible, torn and incomprehensible scheduling list. Users of laundry rooms in Vienna are lucky though – that is, if they live in an apartment block managed by Wiener Wohnen Haus- & Außenbetreuung GmbH. Following their successful tender bid in 2008, the property management company installed the naTÜRlich laundry system in all the communal facilities. The solution is based on access controllers from GemiTeam and a remote and wireless indoor and outdoor access system. Access options, scheduling and the granting of location-specific, time-limited and person-based access are centrally controlled, as is the user-related energy consumption.

Web-based scheduling system

For users, the new system primarily means more convenience and less bother. Instead of putting their names down on a paper, scheduling list in the laundry room, users log in via a simple browser interface and make a quick and simple reservation on the screen. Before they enter the laundry room, users are contactlessly identified via RFID. They are then granted access to the facilities according to the time schedule. Of the 5,800 planned laundry rooms, more than 5,500 have already been converted in over 220,000 apartments in more than 720 buildings – to the complete satisfaction of users.

Rugged RFID readers

“This project places heavy demands on the hardware,” explains Peter Matz, Managing Director of GemiTeam Gesellschaft für Software-Systeme mbH. “The readers must work reliably even under harsh environmental conditions, such as high humidity. In addition, large numbers of readers with consistently high quality were required for this project.” GemiTeam therefore opted for the surface-mounted proxEntry PRD 5 readers and the flushmounted PRD 4 readers, and thus for deister electronic as its 

 The large order was by no means taken lightly by the company: each of the 7,500 readers required for this project was tested by deister electronic according to strict quality standards and configured prior to shipment to allow a troublefree installation by electricians. “The biggest challenge in this project, apart from the large quantity, was to ensure stable operation in a tough environment. As it turned out, however, this wasn’t a problem thanks to our product quality management,” says Ralf Rauschenbach, key account manager for proxEntry & tranSpeed at deister electronic. “The devices are located all over Vienna. Faulty readers would quickly incur high repair and travel costs – not to mention the damage to one’s reputation.”

But GemiTeam’s image as a reliable system house is better than ever after project completion: “The customer as well as the residents are all very satisfied with the new system,” praises Peter Matz. “After the initial installation, the shipped devices worked without any faults whatsoever. We didn’t need to make any adjustments to them. Our system partner, deister electronic, can stand tall and proud!

Project Summary

Project goals

  • Central management of laundry room access and bookings; energy consumption reporting.


  • Reliable functioning of large numbers of access control readers, even under difficult operating conditions.


  • RFID-based, networked access control with pre-tested, robust readers.


  • A practical booking system as well as selective access control and individual energy consumption allocation.