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proxSafe Technical Training Basic (2 days - english)


Welcoming of participants

  • introduction of deister electronic GmbH
  • introduction of proxSafe

Theoretical fundamentals hardware

  • deBus protocol: The communication-platform for proxSafe
  • proxSafe terminal C4 and C6
  • card reader and external reader
  • proxSafe backplane 4 and 12
  • SD+DD keyPanels and proxCylinder
  • introduction of maxx, flexx, and locker system
  • proxSafe keyTags and seal
  • DEA network adapter: Setup and configuration parameters
  • installation and startup
  • deisterConfig

Workshop: System setup hardware

  • startup of terminal,
  • build up maxx and flexx

Theoretical fundamentals Commander Connect software

  • architecture
  • system requirements
  • software components for database and data access
  • Commander Connect modules and activation
  • software installation
  • procedure how to add a terminal
  • webbrowser login
  • instruction to the software
  • procedure how to add a terminal

Workshop: Practical exercises using Commander Connect

  • software installation
  • procedure how to establish a connection to a terminal

Final discussion