• TPU 30xx

TPU 30xx

Category Long Range Identification

Windscreen transponder

The TPU 3082/92 is a passive UHF transponder for the windscreen to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard. These versatile transponders were specially developed for vehicle identification applications, which is why they are perfectly suited for car park and other long-range identification applications. They are easily attached to the windscreen; in conjunction with the optional sticker function TPU 3082/92 they cannot be removed without being destroyed. They offer a variety of security functions to guarantee data integrity and to prevent the transponder being copied.

If the maximum reading distance is not desirable or a hindrance for the application it is possible to reduce the operating range to 66% or 33% with the aid of the RRD sticker in combination with the TPU 3082/92.

The TPU 3082 FIX has a unique 32 bit serial number, which is also printed on the transponder. That means it can be quickly and easily integrated into any management system. 

The TPU 3092 OTP additionally boasts the deister smartframe. The smartframe makes it possible to define data formats from 1-64 bit. Using a programming station users are able to programme the transponder with their own numbers and data formats themselves (One Time Programmable).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Excellent performance even when attached behind windscreens with sun protection
  • Adjustable reading range
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Copy protected for your security
  • Vignette functionality  

Vehicle identification systems and components

Fast, reliable and accurate long range automatic vehicle or driver identification eliminates traffic queues at entrances and exits providing positive identification in all weathers.  Ideal for parking, traffic management and hands-free driver access or to control restricted traffic in city centres and airports. The technology can also be applied to railways and toll roads. tranSpeed seamlessly integrates to other control systems using standard interfaces or can operate as standalone solution. Wide choices of transponders are available including rugged tags, self-adhesive windscreen labels and cards.