• TCR 50

TCR 50

Category Cabinets

The compact laundry return unit

The visual appearance and the dimensions of the laundry return unit are designed to match the output cabinet TCD 200. The station is available with a capacity for approx. 50 items of laundry and can be equipped with any appropriate reader to allow access. The return station was designed to ensure it fits easily into any factory building, changing room or hallway. Once successfully identified the return flap is enabled to allow the user to insert items of soiled laundry. An integrated UHF reader identifies the laundry and transmits the data to the merchandise management systems or in hospitals to the Hospital Information System. That means you are quickly provided with an overview of available, issued and returned items of laundry to allow you to optimize your inventory. To remove laundry bags, authorized service personnel must first identify themselves at the access reader before they can unlock the door with a key. The laundry bag can now be easily replaced. In addition, the system registers who completed this task and when.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reads deister UHF textags rapidly and reliably
  • Improvements to hygiene regulations
  • Reduces amount of laundry in circulation
  • Individual return stations make it possible to decentralize laundry returns
  • It is only possible to open the return flap using an authorized ID card
  • Safety lock for emptying
  • Laundry bag easily removed

Textile Distribution and identification Systems

A woven RFID transponder for the textile and laundry industry suitable for attaching to a wide range of products, including uniforms and linen floor mats. Designed to withstand the harsh environment of the commercial cleaning cycles teXtag is used around the world. teXtag improves efficiency at all stages of the laundry or garment handling process, from sorting of items through to managing the issuing of laundry with vending style dispensing cabinets which are ideal for work wear management.