• SNG 3


Category Interfaces

USB FTDI to RS485 converter

The SNG 3 is a universal converter designed to convert RS485 to USB, which is FTDI compatible.

With the SNG 3 it is easily possible to connect deBus-based devices to a PC via the USB port.

Once connected the SNG 3 is automatically detected and supported as a virtual serial interface by the up-to-date operating system. Programmes are able to communicate with connected devices via this serial interface.

Variably selectable terminations facilitate the implementation of point-to-point and bus connections.

The connected devices are supplied with power via the integrated texas socket.

 Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy installation 
  • Power supplied to connected devices via texas socket 
  • Create a virtual COM port on the PC 
  • Required drivers already installed in up-to-date operating systems 
  • Variably selectable terminations

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