Category Accessories

13.56 MHz read/write module

The especially compact design of the RDK 1 and the antenna already attached to the PCB facilitate easy integration into many handheld devices as equally as in stationary devices, such as printers, keyboards and vending machines.

Depending on the application it is possible to both read from and write data to transponders. For example, it is possible to use associated product information without the need to access a central database. Equipped with a trigger input and a switching output as well as extensive configuration options this reader is able to fulfil the many requirements demanded in factory automation applications.

Wherever mobile data storage is required: object identification, customer support, safekeeping or inventory management applications the RDK 1 module from deister offers the ideal solution.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • "All-in-one" design with integrated antenna
  • Compact design, easily integrated
  • External antenna can be connected
  • Anti-collision, detect more than one transponder in the field
  • Option to load customer-specific software

Logistic identification systems and components

RFID provides fast and reliable identification to track goods of all kinds - from cases, pallets and individual items in manufacturing to wholesale distribution and retail applications. deister has been at the forefront of RFID development for over three decades and has continued to lead with innovative products. deister RFID readers and transponders are used many businesses to optimize production and supply chain process or improve deployment of inventory within the retail sector. deister components are also used to identify fast moving objects such as trains and cars and are used safety and maintenance whenever a product needs to be identified.