• keyPanel SD 8

keyPanel SD 8

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keyPanel for key bundles

proxSafe SD-keyPanels are the perfect solution when it comes to storing many keys or items in a confined space. The panels which are available in three different slot densities are compatible with various proxSafe product lines.

Every slot contains a contactless RFID-Reader which enables it to automatically identify every keyTag which is inserted into a proxcylinder. An illuminated ring around the keyhole guides the user to the selected keyTag or valuable.

Due to RFID-Technology, the identification is extremely reliable and totally maintenance free even after many years of use.

The panel concept allows any size of system from 8 to thousands of slots with numerous configurations and housings. It is possible to start with a partially equipped proxSafe housing and add new panels later, if more slots are needed.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Contactless – no corrosion, no wear 
  • Maintenance free operation 
  • Reliable identification even after years of use 
  • Available in 3 slot densities 
  • Modular 19” concept fits any need 
  • Illuminated ring for perfect user guidance

Key Management & Smart Storage Systems

The intelligent management system for keys and equipment with comprehensive audit and reporting capabilities. Control who can have access to individual items and restrict when they can be taken. Keys, radios, test equipment, tools, laptops and much more can now be managed efficiently with increased accountability so you know where they are and who has them. The powerful software Commander Connect allows easy configuration and control of access rights, time profiles and the creation of individual reports. That way you stay in control at all times and make the best use of your equipment.