• TAL 700

TAL 700

Category Long Range Identification

Locator TAL 700

The locator TAL 700 is a component of an active transponder system. It continuously transmits a 125 kHz signal with location coding to wake the compatible transponder TPA 8014 at a distance of up to 7 m. Once woken by the TAL 700 the transponder responds with its ID and the location code it received. The transponder transmission frequency is specified as 433 MHz. 

The TAL 700 is able to operate as a standalone device or online. Thanks to its compact design it is easy to install and integrate into the existing architecture of a building.

The TAF 700 operates synchronously with the TAL 700 and extends the wake-up field by up to 7 m.

The technology used is so effective it is even able to identify vehicles with completely shielded windscreens, including when the transponder is located on the dashboard.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to setup 
  • Expandable with slave wake-up devices 
  • Long waking range 
  • Standalone and online operation 
  • Optimum solution for shielded windscreens

Vehicle identification systems and components

Fast, reliable and accurate long range automatic vehicle or driver identification eliminates traffic queues at entrances and exits providing positive identification in all weathers.  Ideal for parking, traffic management and hands-free driver access or to control restricted traffic in city centres and airports. The technology can also be applied to railways and toll roads. tranSpeed seamlessly integrates to other control systems using standard interfaces or can operate as standalone solution. Wide choices of transponders are available including rugged tags, self-adhesive windscreen labels and cards.