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Category Digital Locking Systems

Reader heads

Specially developed for long-life battery operation the reader heads are fitted with an extremely efficient battery saving wake-up mechanism. When a transponder is held in front of them, all readers are activated by "Wake On RFID" functionality and operating in a fraction of a second. All reader heads are equipped with a clock and Airlink radio network capability. Further developments have optimized Airlink energy efficiency to a premium, so that it can also remain switched on if necessary. A more powerful reading field is required to read highly encrypted ID cards such as mifare DESFire EV1 and LEGIC advant, which is why all readers are equipped with a particularly effective reader antenna to facilitate maximum ranges. Two different plastic caps are available that make it possible to mount the same electronic circuitry on digital cylinders or other digital hardware and key controls. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Extremely battery saving; consequently "Wake On RFID" as standard
  • Reader technology Plug & Play replaceable
  • Reader antenna optimized for highly encrypted transponders
  • Clock and Airlink incorporated
  • Load software at any time via Airlink
  • Suitable for all doorLoxx products

Digital Locking Systems

An access control system that can be fitted to standard mechanical locks allowing them to be wirelessly connected without the need to modify the door. doorLoxx digital locking components are available as battery powered digital cylinders and smart handles. doorLoxx can form part of a new or existing access control system with no need for wires to the door, exceptional long battery life combined with the innovative flexibility to adapt the product at point of installation to fit many types of door puts doorLoxx at the top in its class.