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Field detector

Using the POC (Proof Of Communication) it is possible to simply and easily find the best-possible position for the transponder. This can prove to be particularly difficult with thermally coated, heated or infrared reflecting windscreens.

The POC acts precisely the same as a transponder (TPU 30xx or TPU 31xx), indicating the field strength at its position via the brightness of an LED. By moving the POC along a windscreen it is possible to ascertain the field strength at every position according to the brightness of the LED. That means finding the best-possible position for the transponder is fast, easy and straightforward.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to use – no buttons, no switches
  • Rugged housing with integrated battery
  • Field strength indicated via brightness of the LED
  • No testing, no try-outs – find the best-possible position for the transponder straight away

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