• IOM 2 Input - Output module 2-2

IOM 2 Input - Output module 2-2

Category Accessories

The IOM 2 is the perfect interface between the doorLoxx system and other components to be controlled. The IOM 2 is equipped with an interface to the access control system as well as two inputs and two electrically isolated outputs to make it possible to control each and every lock that can be coupled electronically. With the IOM 2 it is possible to integrate third-party systems with motorized locks, electric door openers and other control functions.

Your benefits at a glance:

·       Combines with many previously installed systems

·       Encrypted communication (AES 128)

·       Fully compatible with all door release elements

·       Extends doorLoxx system to include control functions for motorized locks, trapdoor openers etc.

·       Quick and easy installation

·       Immediately ready for use in connection with the IDC 2 and the smart 4

An access control system that can be fitted to standard mechanical locks allowing them to be wirelessly connected without the need to modify the door. doorLoxx digital locking components are available as battery powered digital cylinders, digital locks and digital handles. doorLoxx can form part of a new or existing access control system with no need for wires to the door, exceptional long battery life combined with the innovative flexibility to adapt the product at point of installation to fit many types of door puts doorLoxx at the top in its class.