• AST 1


Category Accessories

Airlink Service Tool

The AST 1 is the service and configuration tool for doorLoxx system components. It can both communicate with door release elements as well as readers and transponders, and also assign parameters to door release elements. When the system is initially installed, the AST 1 adopts all relevant security keys read out of the system mastercard and transmits these to all doorLoxx system components. If required, when the event recorder completes a transaction it is possible to read out data from the identification medium and the door release elements or load the list of disabled (blacklisted) identity cards. In this way service information, such as the number of closures and battery status, is also transmitted to the control system. And it is also possible to alter or create authorization profiles in the door release elements.

In addition, it is also possible to perform range measurements and carry out settings in the radio network to optimise "online functionality" during the installation.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Measure and assess radio network
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely secure, because communications are AES encrypted
  • Configure doorLoxx devices
  • Read out events from doorLoxx devices

Digital Locking Systems

An access control system that can be fitted to standard mechanical locks allowing them to be wirelessly connected without the need to modify the door. doorLoxx digital locking components are available as battery powered digital cylinders and smart handles. doorLoxx can form part of a new or existing access control system with no need for wires to the door, exceptional long battery life combined with the innovative flexibility to adapt the product at point of installation to fit many types of door puts doorLoxx at the top in its class.