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Remote Site Management

Remote Infrastructure

Our portfolio of standalone and remote connection devices requires minimal installation effort

Administration of remote locations

Remote infrastructure

No matter if switch box, distributor, power pole or transmitting station, the integration of a large-scale installed infrastructure is a real challenge. Remote locations are particularly difficult to integrate, as there is often no local IT infrastructure. But even the locations in residential areas, on the roofs of existing buildings, are not always easy, as the owners often deny extensive installations and changes to the building.Our portfolio of standalone and remote connection devices requires minimal installation effort and can be connected remotely and securely via the mobile network.

Cloud Control Modules

Using the cloud control modules, you can remotely integrate deister systems via the mobile network without having to rely on a local IT infrastructure. Additional devices such as lights, gates or shutters can also be controlled via additional outputs on the cloud control modules. The highly secure encrypted communication offers maximum security.

  • Independent of local IT infrastructure
  • Highly secure data communication using the mobile network
  • Remote access and live monitoring

Bluetooth Digital Safe

The battery-operated Bluetooth Digital Safes are robust key safes that can be installed both inside and outside. The IP65 housing is built for all weather conditions. The BT pipe safe can be opened easily via smartphone; the rights are transferred securely and remotely to the app on your smartphone via cloud. The key ring is attached to an RFID dongle, a keytag, which is inserted inside the digital safe into an electronic slot - so every removal and return in the Bluetooth digital safe can be monitored and automatically documented.

  • Independent of local IT infrastructure
  • Convenient rights management via cloud and smartphone app
  • Very long battery life for minimal maintenance 

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The Smart 4 electronic key cabinet has 4 slots to manage keys or bundles of keys and operates autonomously. It is initially synchronized with the management software and can then be installed standalone.In the management software, PINs with access rights to one or more of the 4 keys can be generated, which expire after a defined period of time - these are then sent to the user via SMS, email or app. This means that even external service providers for e.g. maintenance work, can have limited access via PIN with an expiry date.If the Smart 4 is to be installed inside, it can also control the door to the building or room.

  • Standalone and yet integrated in the overall system
  • PIN2Access technology generates temporary valid PINs with individual access rights
  • Smart 4 can also control a door

Management Software

With the management software Commander Connect, all deister systems can be centrally managed and configured. Emerging information is collected centrally and can be retrieved at any time. Individually configurable reports are output as automated e-mail, print files or as exports in various file formats. User rights and application-related functions can be assigned with just a few mouse clicks. A client-server architecture enables location-independent operation via a web browser and minimizes hardware requirements and costs. Connection to third-party systems is established via web services or customer-specific interfaces, allowing the Commander Connect to be optimally integrated into existing systems. 

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