Security 2018 in Essen

Integrated Security Systems for Smart Building Security

Visit us on the Security 2018 in Essen. We invite you to a hands-on experience how different security systems can be seamlessly integrated into one complete building security system. Being the developer and manufacturer of all our systems, all our products and systems naturally work together and integration becomes easy. 

With ease our offline Access Control System can be connected to our smart cameras. Or integrate our Key Management System seamlessly with our Online Access Control System. From AVI to people tracking, from access control to camera surveillance, everything can be connected to one system controlled by one software.

Our Solutions

Key Management Systems

Asset Management

Access Control

Digital Locking Systems

Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Textile Management Systems

People Protection Systems

Proof-of-Visit Systems

Date 25. - 28.09.2018

Booth 3C78 / Hall 3

City Essen, Germany

D-45131 Essen