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Security Fair Essen

Secure Automation Solutions

Visit us at the Security Fair in Essen. We invite you to a hands-on experience how different security systems can be seamlessly integrated into one complete building security system. Being the developer and manufacturer of all our systems, all our products and systems naturally work together and integration becomes easy. 

We will show you live our professional solutions in the areas of access control, digital locking systems, key management, smart storage and many more. All our solutions can be seamlessly connected and are managed with our central management software “Commander Connect”.

Highlights at the fair

Infinity Reader

The deister Infinity readers may be the last readers you will ever need. Our new readers are Triple Technology™ readers who can handle up to 3 different reading technologies. They can be easily integrated into existing systems or replaced for old readers. Experience the next generation.

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Electronic cabinet lock

Secure storage of valuables in cabinets or lockers - with the reliable and electronic cabinet and furniture lock from deister electronic. The elegant electronic lock with its timeless design. The lock supports Bluetooth™, which means that it can be conveniently opened with a mobile phone.

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Key Management Systems

Keys remain a vital part of any security solution yet their importance is often overlooked. They control access to critical areas and high value equipment. An electronic key management system can restrict which people are allowed access to individual keys, it is an access control system for keys.

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Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage systems for managing laptops, mobile phones, weapons, tools and other valuable and sensitive items. Secure safekeeping including compartment monitoring and intelligent stock optimisation . Compartments for items of different sizes.

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About the Security Fair

World's leading Fair for Security

The Security in Essen is one of the world's largest trade shows for security solutions. The latest developments in the field of fire safety and security, such as access control systems as well as innovations to improve cyber security and economic protection are presented by over 1000 national and international exhibitors.