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med.Logistica in Leipzig

Intelligent Laundry dispensing system – Live at the med.Logistica

Providing employees with workwear, pool linens and uniforms is a challenge for every company. Especially laundries, hospitals and care facilities have to operate efficiently and cost-saving. With our automatic laundry dispensing systems, you always have an overview of the stock and requirements of all textiles. Our solutions are simple and fast to operate. They save costs, reduce shrinkage and are 24/7 available.

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Highlights at the fair

Laundry Dispensing System

The textag solution is a laundry dispensing system for the central and decentral distribution, return and administration of workwear and pool laundry. With our individually planned room solutions and our intelligent cabinet systems, you always have an overview of the consumption and stock.

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Personal Protection Systems

Easy and reliable systems such as wandering protection for dementia patients and baby protection against kidnapping and swapping at postnatal wards.
Also staff protection at the workplace against assaults in endangered areas and mobile calls for help in care facilities and clinics.

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Key Management Systems

Keys remain a vital part of any security solution yet their importance is often overlooked. They control access to critical areas and high value equipment. An electronic key management system can restrict which people are allowed access to individual keys, it is an access control system for keys.

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Connected Security Systems

Intelligently connected security systems for comprehensive building security. Connect vehicle entrance with access control or camera monitoring in a simple way. Everything is managed and set in one software. The Commander Connect makes it possible.

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About the med.logistica

med.Logistica is the industry meeting place for hospital logistics specialists in German-speaking countries.  It will take place for the 6th time in a row in May 2022. It focuses on solutions for modern textile care in hospitals, nursing homes and laundries. The fair provides a comprehensive overview of everyday clinical life as well as the latest trends and developments in the healthcare sector. The laundry management solutions from deister electronic will be represented at this year's trade fair, because modern textile care can be more than just the cleaning and logistics of pool linen, workwear and safety clothing.