Full control for freight forwarders & logistics

Roadshow for Logistics & Forwarding at Spie Fleischhauer Bremen

Experience at the Spie Fleischhauer information event how you can reliably manage and automate safety-relevant tasks. This includes solutions for the secure and reliable management of keys, vehicles and vehicle documents. Various options, such as the integration of breathalyzers into our key management systems, offer further protection for your employees and your company.

We will also provide solutions for the identification of vehicles, trailers and swap bodies.
Using our rugged RFID readers and transponders, you can control which vehicles are allowed to drive on your premises and know at all times which vehicles, trailers and swap bodies are on the premises - fully automated!

Date: 25.04. - 25.04.2019

Time: 07:45 - 9:45

Place: Spie Fleischhauer

Address: Hinterm Sielhof 4-5
                 28277 Bremen

Website: spie-fleischhauer.com

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Yanick Ermisch

Key Account Manager