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Clean Show 2022

Intelligent Laundry dispensing system – Live at the Clean Show!

Providing employees with workwear, pool linens and uniforms is a challenge for every company. Especially laundries, hospitals and care facilities have to operate efficiently and cost-saving. With our automatic laundry dispensing systems, you always have an overview of the stock and requirements of all textiles. Our solutions are simple and fast to operate. They save costs, reduce shrinkage and are 24/7 available.

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Highlights at the fair

Laundry Dispensing System

The textag solution is a laundry dispensing system for the central and decentral distribution, return and administration of workwear and pool laundry. With our individually planned room solutions and our intelligent cabinet systems, you always have an overview of the consumption and stock.

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Key Management Systems

Keys remain a vital part of any security solution yet their importance is often overlooked. They control access to critical areas and high value equipment. An electronic key management system can restrict which people are allowed access to individual keys, it is an access control system for keys.

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About the Clean Show

The Clean Show is a major exhibition for commercial laundries, dry cleaners and the textile service industry. Thousands of people from all over the world come to see the latest and most technologically advanced products the industry has to offer.