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doorLoxx Technical Training


Welcoming of participants

  • introduction of deister electronic GmbH
  • introduction of doorLoxx
  • hardware, software, doorLoxx operation modes

Introduction of hardware and workshop cylinder assembly

  • cylinder assembly
  • IDC, updater, WCU 1, digital handle
  • airLink Stick und Commander Connect Service Tool
  • further tools and components

Hardware installation basics

  • IDC network connection, operation modes, installation notes

Theoretical fundamentals of Commander Connect Software

  • architecture and system requirements
  • software components for database and data access
  • add a device to dataCommEngine
  • configuration tool deisterConfig

Workshop: System setup with online doors and offline cylinders

  • launch system and devices with doorLoxx master card
  • add cylinders using Commander Connect Service Tool
  • add online doors
  • cylinder and transponder initialisation
  • IDC configuration, smart refresh function

Additional doorLoxx features

  • events on card / cylinder
  • signaling of doorLoxx locking components
  • blacklist
  • permanently open / close function with online doors and offline cylinders
  • calender function, emergency door opening
  • configuration parameters of updater

Questions and answers