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deister electronic extends its accessibility into other countries

deister electronic extends its accessibility into other countries

Press Release

Barsinghausen, November 15th 2018 - As part of its expansion strategy, deister electronic presents its international branches in England, France and the USA in a new look in addition to the Spanish website and thus gives the go-ahead for an internationally uniform corporate design that provides a common global platform, that addresses our customers specific local market needs.

For deister electronic, the focus is on the user, who is increasingly more mobile focused but still does not want to miss out on stationary access. And so the goal was, besides the introduction of a central framework, to improve the user friendliness in all areas and to improve the interactivity with customers, partners and applicants.

The relaunch of the websites is a first step towards a more comprehensive revision of deister electronic's online communication. According to the company, the branches in Japan and Singapore will be relaunched this year. Extensive expansion stages are already planned for next year in order to successively improve interactivity with the user.

"The relaunch of the websites and the scheduled measures for 2019 underline deister's philosophy of continuously questioning itself and having the will to become better and better," explains Rüdiger Eilers, marketing representative of deister electronic.